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Replacement Windows: Everything There Is to Know About

As the name suggests, replacement windows are windows that replaces your old worn out windows. They are a pretty common thing, but since not every home owner needs window replacement, not much info is available about them. However, if you need to undertake this project, educating yourself will prove to be very helpful. So, here are a few things you must know…

How does it work?

Well, for starters, when you get Replacement Windows in Montrose, you don’t exactly remove the entire old window, but just the required parts. For instance, if there is an issue with the window frame, you get it replaced, but the foundation of the window remains the same.

Replacement windows, despite being a replacement, function better than the original windows. For instance, if it is a double hung window, it will comfortably slide up and down or if it is a casement window, it will easily swing in and out.

When to get replacement windows?

If you are experiencing any or all of the below mentioned issues, it is time to get your windows replaced…

  • Water penetration
  • Window glass is very cold to touch
  • High utility bills
  • Old windows are not functioning properly
  • Old windows are damaged beyond repair

Hiring a window technician

When it is about hiring a replacement window company, you basically have two options – Local companies and Franchised companies.

Both the companies will offer you a variety of manufacturers, but they will be obviously inclined towards one particular manufacturer more. For instance, a local company might recommend one particular manufacturer, whereas a franchised company might recommend their own brand. Whom you hire depends on your requirements and budget.

However, before signing any contracts, it is recommended to take a few quotes. Also, go through the reviews of the companies you are shortlisting. Usually, well-known companies like Intexwindows, always have plenty of reviews and customer’s feedback. These feedbacks will give you an insight on the companies, and thereby help you select the best option.

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