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How to make a homemade lava lamp

The lava lamps catch you for hours if you leave, you can be dumbfounded watching that you are not aware that the world continues to revolve around you. Do you want to know how to make a homemade lamp? Keep reading and discover the steps to be able to do it successfully.

Characteristics of lava lamps

Lava lamps emit a soft, warm and relaxing light that is perfect for a bedroom, especially a children’s one. Its effect is almost hypnotizing as it creates bubbles of different shapes and sizes that rise and fall, without a doubt a very attractive aesthetic and an original operation.

Necessary materials

  •             A bottle or transparent bottle with a beautiful shape (glass or plastic)
  •             Vegetable oil
  •             Effervescent tablet (Alka Sletzer type)
  •             Water
  •             Liquid food coloring

Steps to make a homemade lava lamp

  1. The first thing you have to do is to wash the bottle or the bottle well to leave it flawless inside and out. Keep in mind that it will be the lamp body, so you must happy wheels demo choose one with a beautiful shape.
  2. Pour water into the bottle until 1/4 of its contents are completed, and then add vegetable oil until it is filled. Wait a few minutes to let both liquids stabilize inside the bottle. The water will remain below and the oil above.
  3. Now you must add a splash of liquid dye in the desired color, and you will see that the appearance of your homemade lava lamp changes completely. It is a water soluble dye so it gives all the color.
  4. Split a couple of tablets of the effervescent tablets and put them in the bottle. When they come in contact with the water they will start to create a lot of bubbles and rise to where the oil is.
  5. As the bubbles cannot pass through the oil layer, they will come back down, which makes them in continuous motion.
  6. When the effect of the bubbles is over and you want to have it again, it’s as simple as adding a couple more pills.





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