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Modernize your conservatory with these 7 refurbishment ideas

Many homeowners are taking advantage of the year-round space a conservatory (or its roof) offers without breaking the bank.

Recently, the trend of converting conservatories has been fueled by the relative ease of replacing an aged glass or polycarbonate roof with an insulated alternative.

It’s an easy and cost-efficient way to revive a neglected area.

In the winter, your conservatory probably gets too cold, and in the summer it gets too hot.

Perhaps you have wondered: How can I renovate my conservatory?

You can use some simple conservatory refurbishment tips from Trade Windows to transform yours from drab to fab if it feels past its prime or is no longer fit for purpose.

Insulate your walls

To prevent heat loss from conservatories with ‘dwarf’ walls, small holes can be drilled – and non-flammable foam filled with insulation injected through them. The solution is inexpensive and simple.

Glasses should be changed

Glass technology has evolved to such an extent that the panes we use in our homes today are vastly superior to those used 20 years ago. Microscopic coatings keep the heat in glass while reflecting UV rays away in warmer weather. This reduces the fluctuation in temperature inside conservatories.

Install the best glazing you can afford if you are planning a conservatory renovation that involves replacing existing glass. A-rated glass can reduce your energy bills by as much as 33% – an investment worth considering.

Transform it into an open-plan space

Conservatories are technically exempt from building regulations if they are located outside your property’s main thermal envelope. However, it isn’t a problem to connect it to the rest of the house to create an open-plan feel.

Roofing should be replaced

The most cost-effective way of restoring a tired area to its former glory is to replace the roof.

Roofs with solid tiles or modern hybrid roofs that have glazed panels can be insulated and plastered, making existing structures more efficient by making them more thermally efficient.

Replace old frames with new ones

A UPVC frame that has not been properly maintained can start to look dirty and worn over time. Although following our advice can enhance the appearance of UPVC sills and frames, you might prefer to go the extra mile and replace them with modern uPVC instead.

uPVC is much stronger and more durable than it used to be – and it is more energy efficient than it was previously. An aluminium frame in grey or powder-coated might be more appealing for a modern look.

Incorporate the outside world

Consider adding bifold doors to your home to create a seamless link from inside to outside. They can help open up the space and blur the lines between home and garden. Additionally, French doors can have a similar impact on a smaller conservatory – making it feel more spacious and bright.

Put pillars at the corners

The addition of corner pillars will transform an all-glass conservatory structure into a more elegant orangery extension if you’re ready to make a complete overhaul.

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