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Proven Ways to Help Your Utah House Sell Faster

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One of the biggest downsides of home-ownership is the way that it ties you to a location. Renters can easily pick up and move on a whim, but homeowners must go through the arduous process of selling their home first, which can take weeks or even months. However, there are ways for homeowners to speed up this process so that they can go wherever life takes them. Here are some proven ways to help your Utah home sell fast:

Make minor updates

A few minor cosmetic fixes to your home can go a long way in attracting buyers and enticing them to write a quick offer. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to brighten a room, or how simply updating the light fixtures can modernize a space and make it more inviting. Talk to an experienced realtor about which simple changes will appeal most to buyers in your area. And be sure to choose neutral colors and finishes that will please a wide range of buyers.

Move out the clutter

It’s been shown again and again that cluttered homes don’t sell well. So take those nick-nacks, as adorable as they may be, and box them up for now. Clear out the closets so that potential buyers are able to see the space they’ll have to work with. Transform your home into a beautiful blank canvas, and buyers will be enticed by what they are able to see in it.

Stage your happy wheels demo home

While clutter will increase the amount of time it takes to sell a home, bringing in just a few simple pieces of staging can make your home sell faster. In fact, professionally stages homes almost always sell faster and for more. Talk to your realtor for recommendations on local Utah home-stagers. You’ll be amazed by what they can do.

Hire a professional photographer

The pictures in your home listing are the first impression your home makes on potential buyers. If they see dim, low-quality pictures, they’re unlikely to be impressed and may not take the time to view your home in person. That’s why hiring a professional photographer can really maximize that first impression and leave buyers wanting to see more. And trust me, while you may think that those pictures you took on your phone were fine, this is really one of those times when it’s really worth it to hire someone.

Sell to a cash buyer

Perhaps the most fool-proof way to sell your home fast is to sell to a cash buyer. Buyers paying with a traditional mortgage have a few hoops to jump through at closing time to satisfy the bank, whereas cash buyers can close in as little as two weeks. Cash buyers are also often willing to take homes that haven’t been touched up or staged, so you can save even more time by skipping the suggestions above.

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