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Published on October 22nd, 2021 | by admin


Five Questions That You Need to Ask the Waterproofing Contractor

What Questions Should I Ask the Best Basement Waterproofing Company?

Are your home walls damp or moldy? It is high time to hire the best waterproofing specialist in SingaporeChoosing the best contractor can be the difficult task. But, with some questions, you can select the ideal one. 

Before hiring the contractor, you need to search about them and then make any decision. Here is the list of some questions that you need to ask them. If you are satisfied with their answer, then think about them. Otherwise, you have alternative options too. 

So, let’s discuss the questions:

1. Are you licensed and insured? 

Keep the one thing in your mind laws are varied from state to state. On the other side, trade licenses, worker’s compensation insurance, and general liability insurance offer legal and financial protection. They protect in that case when something wrong happens. 

2. What kinds of solutions do you offer? 

Waterproofing contractors utilize different kinds of tools and techniques to look for water-related problems. Your following will be related to the solutions that they offer to their valuable clients. It includes French drains, stairwell drains, crack and structural repair, and so on. 

Additionally, various companies provide internal drainage systems. On the other hand, some offer interior and exterior solutions. 

3. What is the reason behind water problems? 

There are various reasons for water problems, including hydrostatic pressure, negative grading, discharge pipes, high water tables, and many more. Make sure that the waterproofing company has the solution to all these problems and mainly they must have knowledge of it. 

4. What kind of solution do you suggest? 

Take the guidance and suggestion from the contractor to check their way of how they handle the situation. Ask about the problem and relevant solutions related to the problem. 

5. What kind of warranty do you provide?

Warranties can cover the various aspects that include material, labor, and so on. Ask the question related to warranties that they cover. Get all the details about their warranty facilities. 

So, by asking all these questions, you can choose the best waterproofing specialist. Make a note of all these questions and find the best one.   

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