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4 Affordable Water Features for Your Yard

DIY Fountain Ideas - 10 Creative Projects - Bob Vila

Tiered Pot Fountain

Tiered pot fountains are surprisingly simple and extremely elegant, requiring only a few materials. If you have a set of three pots, you’re already halfway there! Tiered pots are constructed with progressively smaller pots stacked on top of one another, each pot filled with rocks or plants, depending on your own particular taste. A tube triggers and controls the water flow, creating a simultaneously natural and modern water feature for your yard. Tiered pot fountains are versatile and can be customized to match just about landscaping style. So if you’re looking for a splash of elegance for your Utah yard, consider a tiered pot fountain.

Water Wall

Water walls, while more expensive than other custom water features, are stunning in a way that can’t be replicated by other features. Water walls can be installed by professionals or constructed by individuals. Either way, they are easily customized and situated for every layout. In addition, water walls are a great way to put old, recyclable materials to use such as round glass-top tables and glass pieces. While most water walls cost a thousand dollars or more, the raw materials to build one cost only around three hundred dollars. If you’re tight on money, consider building your own water wall rather than purchasing the custom water feature.


Urns are simplistic, eye-catching, and wildlife-attracting! While many custom water features are susceptible to damage during extreme weather conditions, urns can withstand almost anything. Urns are easily customizable to match any theme, whether it be Asian, Greek, desert, modern, or anything in between. They make great centerpieces as well as side pieces and generally look best when surrounded with stones or flowers. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant water feature for your Utah yard, consider installing an urn.

Teapot Fountain

Teapot fountains are exactly as the name suggests: simple fountains made with old teapots! Best paired with wooden barrels or flower pots, teapot fountains create a charming, whimsical look for any home. If you have an old teapot you haven’t used in a while or would like to spice up your yard with a custom water feature, consider building or purchasing a teapot fountain to make your Utah landscape stand out from others on your block.

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