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Published on January 15th, 2020 | by George M. Banks


Best Tips in Decorating Your Home with Modern Italian Furnishings

Whether it is architecture, fashion, or artworks, being Italian means beauty and elegance. It can be intimidating to master what’s Italian. Certainly it can’t be done by simply just matching certain colors, patterns, and textures that will give off a modern and fresh appeal. It’s not impossible though. There are a lot of Italian-themed sites that can help you come up with a modern Italian style home with some valuable tips. Here are some precious ones.

Make it clean, simple, cozy, and warm.

Modern Italian style is not rich in patterns or designs. If you are aiming to have a modern Italian home you better get away from all the vivid patterns and colors that give too much effect and are hallmarks of the traditional European designs.

You can achieve this by putting stalwart pieces in your living room such as an oversized sofa made in leather or some dramatic attention-grabbing pieces made of marble or gold that will enhance your home’s Italian theme interior.

Invest in Italian classics and you won’t go wrong.

It’s always a great idea to mix and match, and what better way to do this than by investing in classic Italian decors to blend in with the modern Italian elements of your home’s interior design. You simply have to add an iconic Italian piece of the ‘60s and ‘70s such as the timeless hourglass-shaped lampstand that will teach you a sense of Italian history.

Learn to appreciate neutral colors.

Neutral colors are not bland when it comes to the modern color palette. Pale and creamy shades render freshness to the surroundings, and they can make any room palazzo-worthy. Turn your eye to neutral hues that come encumbered with technicolor intensity at certain points.

You may also add a pop of bright colors in one furniture or use colorful accessories. Always remember that contemporary Italian furniture means a delicate blend of the modern furnishing with classic artistry to integrate the Mediterranean feel. Ceramic tiles are common in Italy and lately the small cement tiles known as cementine are now coming back.

Don’t forget to include the statement lighting.

Modern designers discourage the use of recessed lighting as well as sconces that fade in the background to give room for the centerpiece light and all the glory it brings.

If you are thinking of buying modern Italian furniture pieces, here are some of the unforgettable options you may consider:

Iris Sleeper Sofa

It has a revolutionary design that doesn’t look like granny’s pullout couch yet it can easily convert into a bed.

Skin Chair

It has a lightweight, minimal, yet sophisticated design. It makes use of air-molding technology. It is also convenient to store due to its stackable nature. It can compliment any type of space with elegance and grace.

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