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Published on February 3rd, 2020 | by Ronald J. Merrell


Best Commercial Espresso Machine


Having your own business of your taste is the best thing for living. It’s not only you would earn money but also you would feel good during your working hours. A coffee shop business is for those who are big fan of coffee and wanted to open their own business. What is crucial thing for opening a coffee shop off course after building is coffee maker. Yes, because people won’t come to see your building they would come for coffee. A smart businessman always sells quality things. Whether it’s a restaurant, grocery store, coffee shop or any other businesses, he will provide you best things. Today in this article we will share with you about the best commercial espresso machine that would be helpful if you have a coffee shop or are thinking to open it. Well we always try to provide you best information you are looking for. To find out the best commercial espresso machines for your new coffee shop business visit Espresso Gurus.

There are numerous espresso machines in the market that sometimes pissed you off which should be good for your business. Whether you have a small coffee shop or big you will never compromise with the quality of your coffee. Espresso is the 2nd drink which is having all over the worldwide after water. People really like espresso very much and they never compromise with its taste. So make sure you have the best espresso machine in your coffee shop.

The La Pavoni Bar T 2L Espresso Machine

If you want to pull high end espresso shots without having to pay an arm and a leg, this is the espresso machine just for you. It has 14L boiler capacity and ability to produce 600 cups of coffee per day. This espresso machine is our recommendation for café owners. The La Pavoni Bar T 2L espress machine has fantastic features. It has manual boiler water, anti vacuum valve. It has water level control with sight glass to show you the level of water. There are also other features of this La Pavoni Bar T 2L espresso machine enumerated below;

The Features of La Pavoni Bar T 2L Espresso Machine

  • It has manual boiler water charge button
  • It has anti vacuum valve
  • It has manometer for the boiler pressure control
  • It has water level control with sight glass
  • It has one flexible steam jet
  • It has one hot water tap with flexible jet
  • It has electric heating up with three poles manual reset safety thermostat

Specification of La Pavoni Bar T 2L Espresso Machine

  • Dimensions: 20.08 H x 27.56 W x 20.55 D
  • Voltage: 230 volts, 60 herts
  • Heating element: 2 group 4370W


Choosing a right product for your business is crucial and smart thing you ever do. A smart businessman never compromises with the quality of its product whatever he is providing for customers. There are many espresso machines in the market that are manufactured for commercial purposes, but which one is best for you is a big question and also a big decision. The La Pavoni Bar T 2L Espresso machine is just for you if you have coffee shop or thinking to open it. The features of this espresso machine are fantastic.

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