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Published on January 31st, 2020 | by George M. Banks


Choosing Your Options for the Best Tractor Tiller Now

A tiller saves time and saves the user fatigue and effort. Weeding, hoeing, plowing and crumbling the soil in a single pass makes it possible to envisage larger planted areas. Hoe, hoe, tiller: which tool to choose?

The motor hoe

On this type of device, it is the rotation of the cutters which makes the machine advance. The hoe is suitable for the maintenance of gardens and lawns with an area between 100 and 1000 m². Beyond that, a tiller must be preferred. You will need the best rotary tiller for tractor and for that you will find the best deals.

To optimize the work of the rotors, the rotary harrow can also be completed with additional equipment such as:

Rollers: whose role is to collect the soil and break up the clods, but also to control the working depth from 5 to 10 cm. Several rollers are available: tire roller, cage roller, spiral roller, finger roller or packer roller.

A leveling bar: generally positioned in front of the rotors, it is used to regulate the flow of soil. It is both retractable and adjustable in height. The deeper it is, the greater the pulling power.

Quick change of teeth: available as an option from all manufacturers, this device allows teeth to be replaced without bolting. It also saves time while facilitating the replacement of worn elements with new teeth.

Rear hitch with power output: this option makes it possible to couple the harrow with a seeder or subsoiler type tool, thus reducing the number of passages in the fields.

How to maintain a harrow or a rotary tiller?

To ensure the longevity of these rotary tools, the teeth and the scrapers of the roller must be replaced when they are damaged. Before each use, the harrow or tiller must also be greased. In addition, an emptying of the housing every year at the end of the season can also prove to be beneficial for these rotary tools.

Its particularity is to be available in 2 energies:

The electric cultivator is perfect for small jobs (flowerbeds, flowerbeds). Low maintenance and above all silent, it is well suited for use in the city . It will allow you to loosen your soils, to break the surface crust formed by rainwater or watering, to mix and bury fertilizer, compost.. Disadvantage, it requires having an electrical outlet nearby, and the electric cable can hinder you in the long run in your maneuvers.

You will not have this problem with the thermal hoe. Equipped with a 2T or 4 Stroke engine, it is autonomous and more powerful, therefore suitable for orchards and vegetable plots of large area.

Ground at the front of a tiller

Unlike the tiller (which rests on the strawberries), the tiller is equipped with 2 wheels which allow the machine to move forward. These wide and well-designed tires (agrarian or semi-agrarian profile with rafters) increase grip on the ground.

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