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What To Know About Price Bumper Protector

Whether small or large, a parking lot needs to offer protection factors for the cars and people who use it. This means having a well-marked space – and quickly to be understood, using universal symbols – with easy-to-view space delimiters and adequate dimensions. For these applications to be possible, installing a bumper protector at a fair price is necessary.

Where To Buy A Bumper Protector At Fair Price

The affordable bumper protector for road bump is manufactured in EVA (Evil Vinyl Acetate) in different densities to suit as many car models as possible. Some cars are heavier and taller than others. Therefore, it is also possible to adapt its dimensions and adjust to the car models that the parking lot receives. Houses, for example, can receive smaller parts, both in width and thickness, as they will only serve one or two types of cars.

The excellent price bumper protector is usually installed on walls or columns depending on where the car’s front will be when parked. There is also the possibility of creating a unique model competitively priced bumper protector to suit cars that need to be parked at 45 degrees.

On average, the fair price bumper protector can be found in the Standard model, which has dimensions of 80 x 70 x 400 millimeters. Or in the 45-degree model with dimensions of 400 x 400 x 40 millimeters and, depending on the customer’s needs, they can be manufactured in specific sizes.

Another advantage of the competitively priced bumper protector is that it can have different types of paints. Customers who want a more discreet protector can follow precisely the colors of the place where it will be installed, also obeying the type of print applied or, if the objective is to draw attention to the piece, use contrasting tones. In addition, the product can also serve as a flag, showing who is destined for a vacancy.

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