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Ultimate guide on how to choose the materials for your kitchen cabinet

With changing times, the way we design our houses and the furniture we put in it is also improving. In a contemporary residence, it is essential to have the right décor for each corner, every wall. More and more customers are getting the help of professionals to have a precise interior decor for their houses.

Interior designing: Recognizing its connection to Vastu-Shastra

Interior designing is not only an art but also the science of improving the insides of a house or a building. It helps achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment for the residents of the building. An interior designer is mainly involved in outlining, researching, and maintaining the decor of a house or building.

Now, the changing trends have led people to adopt more innovative ideas to give their houses an elegant look. With the use of striking colors and attractive architecture, interior decoration plays a crucial part when proposing to renovate a dwelling. 

Interior designers ensure the most fitting appearance for a house. Nevertheless, occasionally, designing a house without forethoughts can evoke bad luck and cause difficulties. So, when people start feeling disconnected or discomfort inside a new house, it is likely because of the unsynchronized energy. The most popular reasons behind these are the incorrect direction of rooms and the inappropriate positioning of furniture. Vastu-Shastra is the area of architecture that incorporates the idea of interior designing. It deals in poorly built dwellings and aids in ensuring a house where success, peace, and wellness exists.

Vastu for the kitchen 

Since the kitchen is where the food preparation is done, and related items are stored, it is the most critical space of a home. Hence, kitchen interior design is very crucial in Vastu Shastra. In terms of Vastu, the kitchen is supposedly powered by the fire element, which helps us with health gains. 

Now, as per Vastu Shastra’s kitchen interior design, the gas stove and the electrical devices must be kept in the accurate directions, and heating appliances must be placed in a south-east corner. If there is a geyser, the same should be kept in the north-west direction. Also, the sink for the kitchen must be fixed in the northern direction in the “L” shape. It should be made sure that there are no electrical appliances in the north-eastern direction of the kitchen. By following these rules, Vastu guarantees the wellness and happiness of the homemaker and other members of the family.

Best interior planners in Bangalore

The home interior designers in Bangalore are regarded as the greatest all around the country. With a diversity of specialized services accessible in architecture, home interior designers in Bangalore have been expanding their business. One such team of professionals is the NuSpace Interiors.

Known for its superb designing services, NuSpace Interiors is the most popular home interior designers in Bangalore. Other than the regular home décor work, NuSpace offers lifestyle interior designing services. Specialized in kitchen interior design services, NuSpace has products like modular and alloy kitchens, aluminum wardrobes, to fit your kitchen requirements.

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