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Published on April 2nd, 2020 | by admin


Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Proper Hydraulic Fitting

Proper hydraulic fitting helps you to maintain and direct the air pressure at a sustained level. The hydraulic fittings you choose for your hydraulic system keeps your hydraulic system running for a longer time, without any abrupt malfunctioning. Once you know the right kinds of components used for making the fittings for your system, things get easier and swift.

Following are the top 3 reasons why you need a proper hydraulic fitting:

  1. To Maintain The Strength Of The Hose

Your hose may be capable of dealing with higher hydraulic pressures, but unless you use the right fittings, your hose will not carry the required strength to deal with the pressure. The connection points, also known as the fitting points, are normally the weak points in a fitting system. If there is anything that is not going as per the set requirement then the problem is not with the hose, but with the hydraulic fittings that have weak spots in the angles, joints and seams so to speak.

If you have used the wrong parts wile testing the maximum strength capacity of hose, your entire system will fail for sure. It is only with the right fittings that the hose can work with full hydraulic pressure capacity. This further strengthens your hydraulic system for its task completion.

  1. To Prevent Any Leakage Or Loss Of Power

When you select the right fitting, you make a joint 100 percent sealed. The chances of any leakage or power loss come to zero. Normally speaking, hydraulic fluid leaks due to an abrupt system failure or a slow decline in the system’s strength. It is true that the fluid sometimes leaks through the hoses and other components, but majority if the times, it leaks from the fitting seals and the hydraulic fittings.

This problem does not come into the picture initially or goes unnoticed at times; however, as time flies, this will lead to severe long term system failures. This will lead to problems in your operation. Hence with the right hydraulic fittings, you can simply seal the components tightly to experience excellent operational results for years.

  1. To Get The Right Fitting For Your Hoses

There is no universal shape or size of hoses or the other components or fittings of the hydraulic system. You will need to be specific with the size and shape of a component fitting your hose and get it customized, wherever possible.

This will help you get the right fitting for your entire hydraulic system.

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