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Tips for laying wood flooring | Grace And Light Studio

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Published on August 12th, 2021 | by admin


Tips for laying wood flooring

How to Install a Hardwood Floor | how-tos | DIY

When you are thinking about having a new wooden floor you may be worried about installing it. It is always recommend that you hire a professional floor fitter for the job. They will have the right equipment and awareness about the best practices.

Thinking of installing a new wooden floor at your new home? Getting a professional fitter to help you with wood floor installation is the best decision you can make to get the home renovated to its best. Here are some simple and useful tips for you to follow while installing wood flooring –

There are different varieties of hardwood available in the market for laying the floor. And you need to be careful to choose the right one for your space, based on the requirement, usage and themes.

Hardwood floorings are available in different grain patterns, finishes of the surface and wood species, sizes. These are some of the important factors to consider while purchasing the wood flooring, be it solid hardwood or engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is best if you want under floor heating. It is also generally used when there wood flooring is installed over an underlay.

The traffic usage of the space is another factor to consider while installing wooden flooring. There are different species of wood available in the market that are extra hardwearing, and specifically the best for spaces such as hallway and living room. When the traffic is higher in spaces like the living room, choose the oak wood flooring. And on the other hand, delicate wood such as walnut wood flooring can be installed in quieter rooms.

Another important factor to remember is that hardwood, being a natural product will expand and contract with the heat and humidity change that occurs in the environment. So when you purchase the wood flooring, allow it some time to get it expanded or contracted based on the environmental condition of the space.  This helps in reducing the damages that would happen to the floor in the future. And for this, ensure to purchase the wood flooring well in advance, and let it be inside the packaging for few days. Let the wood rest in your room where it would be installed.

Still, it is essential to leave an expansion gap around the edge of the room while fitting any type of wooden flooring.  Leave the gap in the doorways, pipework and even fireplaces. This helps in the better space for the wood to expand and contract when there is any temperature or humidity fluctuation in the room, and avoid any future damage. The expansion gap should be at least 10mm.

It is always important to have the right equipment to install the wood flooring. So ensure to arrange all the necessary equipment before you start your job. Do not think of running around during the process, and it could end up messy installing the flooring.

Make sure to read and understand all the detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer while installing the wood flooring. The manual instruction generally provides the best information needed for getting the room ready to fit the floor. And if you find any questions, click here to get in touch with us to find more information about wood flooring details.

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