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Three Terrific Tips to Sell Your Unwanted Jacksonville Home

Moving soon? Or at least trying to but your unwanted home in Jacksonville just won’t sell? Whatever sticky situation you may be in, no worries, here are three terrific tips to sell your place!

First, the biggest piece of advice is not to sell your home with a realtor. A realtor is a middle man. It is someone you hire when you are trying to put your house on the market. A realtor may be the reason your unwanted Jacksonville house is not selling. Hiring a realtor never actually guarantees that you will find a buyer. It only guarantees you will have to pay expensive fees and maintenance. There is a better way. Sell your house to a direct cash home buyer. A direct buyer is not a real estate agent. It direct buyer is someone who buys homes. Direct buyers will purchase any property in any condition. This means you do not have to do any maintenance or repairs. Plus, a direct buyer pays in cash. No matter the reason why you are moving, whether it be divorce, death of a loved one, etc. Having a guaranteed cash offer is ideal!

Second, declutter. By decluttering your home, you will be able to move a lot faster once the property is sold. Getting rid of items you do not need anymore will make sure you get to do a lot less packing. If you choose to sell your unwanted home in Jacksonville to a direct cash buyer, the deal can close in as little as seven days. That is only a week! You can of course extend the offer and stay in your property longer but being ready to go could help you get rid of your unwanted property fast.

Third, understand your property’s value. That may be the biggest reason why your unwanted Jacksonville property has not sold yet. You may be priced too high. A direct home buyer makes their cash offer based on the market value. Take that into account.

You will be able to move quickly if you follow these tips. Sell to a direct cash buyer, declutter your space ahead of time and consider your unwanted home’s property value. Selling your unwanted property may have been difficult in the past, but it does not have to be. A direct buyer is a great option!

Joe Homebuyer Jacksonville is a direct home buyer. We specialize in helping people sell unwanted home Jacksonville quick for cash.

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