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The Furniture Options for Your Bedroom Now

Many families, purchasing a sofa, expect to use it as an extra bed. Fortunately, today furniture manufacturers offer a whole range of transformation mechanisms that can turn a sofa into a full-fledged bed in a matter of seconds. For the meuble jaymar this is important now. Be sure that the right furniture now and that is the reason that you can have the finer options now. The Right choices now come with the essential option now.

In this regard, there are several important points to keep in mind:


When unfolded, the sofa should fit in the space of the room without creating inconvenience (without blocking access to the door, balcony, cabinets and so on).

Frequency of use

If you plan to spend the night on the couch daily, then the berth should be smooth and comfortable, and the transformation mechanism should be simple.

User Features

  • For households not endowed with great physical strength (children, the elderly), you should select sofas that are easy to understand. That is, those where heavy structural parts do not have to be lifted.


Part of the mechanisms involves sliding the legs or rollers on the floor. If the wheels are not rubberized, this operation may leave marks on some types of coating (laminate flooring). On the other hand, the problem can be circumvented by laying a small rug or rug under the sofa.

  • The presence of a box for linen.
  • Practical function for additional space savings.
  • Now let’s talk in more detail about the main types of transforming sofas.


  • A simple and durable accordion mechanism, folding out in one motion.

It is enough, slightly raising, to pull the sofa in front of the base. The back and seat will straighten in one plane, forming a flat berth without joints and drops. Thanks to a rather rigid reinforced mattress, the accordion is suitable for everyday sleep. When assembled, this is one of the most compact options.


In withdrawable models, the front part also extends, dragging the seat along with it, and sometimes internal, hidden elements. Together, they line up, forming a spacious, even for a tall person, box. Such sofas often have a built-in box for bedding.


  • One of the popular mechanisms, especially in the production of corner sofas

In order to bring the dolphin to its working position, it is necessary to pull out a box from under the seat, inside which an extra pillow is placed. The latter should be pulled by a special loop, raised and laid flush with the surface of the sofa. Integrated hinges and guides help to do this effortlessly.


In the case of the eurobook, the seat rolls forward (under which the box for linen usually hides), and the back tilts over into the empty space formed in its place. The device of such a transformer is extremely simple, therefore, the price, all other things being equal, will be low. In addition, it is almost impossible to damage it, which means that the sofa will last longer.

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