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Pocket-Friendly Upgrades You Can Make At Your Rental Property

With more and more people opting for rental property and the cost of renting any accommodation increasing every day, one needs to look for Aylesbury letting agents, to go for flat viewings and select a place. To add to, it is the process of moving into a new rental property and making it feel like home. But even after moving in, there is another procedure to undergo- upgrading the property.

So if you are looking for budget-friendly upgrades for your rental property, we have gathered some solid advice for you.

Let’s jump right into them!

Painting furniture and/walls:

Most people never consider painting their walls because they assume that it is off the table. So they continue to live in the drab white walls that are extremely common in rental units. But the best part is, that many landlords actually allow you to put a fresh coat of paint on the wall. It is inexpensive and can be done with some DIY videos and basic instructions. If you have friends who own painting tools, borrow from them so you only pay for the paint itself. Keep in mind the colour and shade of your furniture while choosing the paint colour. Light pastels bring a sense of balm to a chaotic space. If you are not confident with painting all the walls in the apartment, you can simply go with the accent wall.

For rental properties where the landlord does not allow you to paint the walls, consider painting your furniture. Using wallpapers on the walls of apartments is also quite common.

Installing personal and meaningful art:

Rental properties do not have any personalization done to them. You will not only have white walls but also bare walls without anything on it. This situation can be changed easily if you begin installing artwork on the walls. You can paint things on your own and put them up. Or buy pieces of art from local artists that will not only support them but serve your purpose of upgrading your flat.

The possibility is endless when it comes to decorating your walls- photographs, art, postcards, and personal memories from your gallery are all meaningful and will turn out to be a wonderful addition to your home.           


Candles are a happy wheels demo wonderful addition to your home if placed with intention and purpose. Earthy notes, pine, ocean and citrus scents can help you remember your childhood homes where you grew up. This is a wonderful way of evoking favourite memories.

Plants and flowers:

We are well aware of the benefits of living amongst nature. But the pandemic has taught us the importance of bringing nature to our homes with the help of plants and flowers. They are not beautiful to look at but also have a calming effect on our minds and body. People who are unfamiliar with plants can begin with fake plants or succulents as they do not need much tending and care.

 If the availability of sunlight is an issue, succulents do just fine and have a better chance of  survival.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen has old brown cabinets that seem to be installed in the 1980s, then you can do a simple paint job. But when taking up the project of painting the cabinets, remember that neutrals look best. To ensure that you are choosing the right colour and shade, you can carry a drawer with you to the shore, and in that way, you will know which colour you need along with the supplies.

While the process of cleaning, sanding, priming and painting the cabinets is time-consuming, this inexpensive upgrade will make a huge difference in your rental property.

Light fixtures

If you have the right kind of light, it can completely transform the feel of any space depending on your need (warm, cool, or inviting). A simple light fixture can make a room look modern, and you can get them straight from amazon or local stores. LED strip lights are also fun to play around with and very easy to install.

If you have never done any kind of electrical installation before, it is best to hire an electrician to avoid any hassle or safety hazards.

To Conclude,

Although home maintenance projects take up time and require effort, these budget-friendly options will be effective and yet help you stay under budget. Such upgrades are easy and can be done with little help. We hope this blog provided you with some of the best budget-friendly upgrades for your rental property that you can incorporate into your own home.  


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