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Office Entrance Floor Mats Materials

Once we have taken into account the main characteristics, we will detail the materials with which the office entrance mats are made, most recommended for an office. And are next:

Vinyl Or Keplan:

  • They are rugs that are highly recommended for high office traffic.
  • They last a lot over time.
  • They can be scrubbed.
  • They hold the wheels of the chairs, the sun, antistatic, non-slip (DS).
  • They can be put on the stairs.

These rugs can have a cut finish or have a sewn or welded border to make them more beautiful, contrasting colors. They are excellent acoustic insulators and resist fire and also repel dust. Come on, they have it all. The only disadvantage is that they do not dress as much as a home run, but it must be borne in mind that they are chosen in high traffic areas or kitchens, for example. That would be the best choice.

Alfresko Model: Many of them carry stain protection. Some of them braided similar to esparto (SPART and SPARTWO). So by changing their appearance and not being plastic, they are more decorative.

SPART Model: So even if they are transit areas or have chairs on top, you can choose carpet models that dress the rooms more.

Is There A Size Limit On A Custom Office Carpet?

No, there is no limit. The only thing to keep in mind is that the rolls’ widths are usually 2 and 4 meters depending on the model. The length has a maximum, but so far, we have not found any office room that we have been commissioned that does not reach that length.

Can I Cut The Office Carpet Myself?

Yes, with sharp scissors or a strong blade, always with the carpet turned upside down, cuts can be made in our carpets. You have to be very careful and with a wooden or iron strip that serves as a guide to making the cut straight. Let’s see if we make a post to know how to cut carpets or replace pieces in offices.

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