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Make the Most of Your Old Kitchen Before You Buy a New One

The kitchen is one of the most important room of the house and making it look beautiful will not only be inviting to you it will also impress your guests and a family. It may even be the push for you to get into the kitchen a bit more if you do not like cooking on the regular. There are many paths you may choose to follow when it comes to upgrading your kitchen before you think of buying a new one. The following will give you some good tips to follow as you undertake this task.

Switch Up or Add More Lighting Options

Probably one of the best things you can do for your kitchen, improving the lighting it not only makes the room look bigger but it will also improve the visibility as you go about your activities. Situate the lights in a creative way in kitchen in strategic positions. It’s also not as expensive as it may look the upgrade in terms of price is on a spectrum depending on the type and preference of light you want.

Replace the Faucet

Switch the faucet for a more stylish looking faucet. This will create a unique environment in the kitchen space. This is a quite cheap upgrade as it will only focus on one small part of the kitchen. Though faucets can get quite pricey, you could easy find a cheaper and stylish one for a bargain.

Change the Appliances

Kitchen appliances have a tendency of not getting replaced as long as they are functional. I mean, if it works, don’t fix it. On the contrary, getting yourself a much newer model of an appliance that is shiny and glossy will not be a bad idea once you see how well it blends with your kitchen.

Get a Beautiful Dish Rack

This is probably the simplest one on the list but its effectiveness is just as the rest. Hold your utensils in a unique and stylish dish rack to improve their appearance and create a sense of attraction that can only be achieved in the kitchen with one. A heavy duty one that is more durable and probably made from steel is bound to catch the visitors’ eye because it will definitely stand out.

Declutter Your Kitchen

Most kitchens become unappealing because clutter build up overtime in the counter tops and walls. Removing these items will create the illusion of a spacious kitchen and make as smaller space feel bigger. You should store the appliances in cabinets and if you do not have enough, make arrangements to add more. This will also create space for your kitchen items to be stored in instead of leaving them lying around.


You don’t need to buy a new kitchen yet you can do something that can make your old kitchen more appealing. The broken doors paint them or do a kitchen door replacement. Make sure the old is renovated and painted with a matching colour you will realize you have a great kitchen. The small things do matter a lot to keep a kitchen more appealing. Therefore do what you can to transform your old kitchen and you will love it.


These are some of the tips you should follow in your path to make your old kitchen look more appealing than thinking of getting a new one. Remember, the vision can only be achieved by knowing how and what you want to achieve in terms of appearance of your kitchen. Let this be a guide as there is no specific charted course on improving your kitchen’s appearance.

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