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Maintaining Your Home’s Exterior Paint Job

A good paint job for your home can make it look vibrant and fresh for years to come. But the key to preserving that new feeling for the entire duration is to take good care of it. It may even save you some money in the long run, as exterior painting contractors typically charge less for them than a full painting. Taking good care of your home’s appearance is essential in presenting yourself to the world in the right way. It can even lift your mood, knowing you’ve got everything in order and inspire confidence in your abilities. It’s both practical, efficient, and even healthy for you to have your house in order, so here are some ways to ensure it.

Washing the exterior

Even the best exterior paint can dry out over time – washing the exterior of your home helps the paint last much longer. It also serves to get rid of all types of debris accumulated over time by being outside. It helps prevent anything, especially damaging, such as mildew and mold from taking root, so make sure to do so. There are two ways to go about it – you can gently rinse with some water mixed with soap or go the pressure washing route. Keep in mind, though, even if you have a pressure washer at home, it can easily damage the paint or the material underneath. When applied correctly, it’s often the single best way to get rid of problem areas, without impacting the paint. It’s best to call up your favorite exterior painting services, as they can certifiably use a pressure washer safely. 

Partial repainting

Most houses’ exteriors are made out of different types of materials. As a result, the paint on different sections will start to peel and crack sooner than later. Instead of waiting or painting the entire house prematurely, treat these areas quickly, so your home can continue looking great. It doesn’t have to be a challenging project, keep track of which areas would need to be covered over time. Do just a couple of hours of painting a year on them to keep the paint lasting significantly longer, and you’ll be pleased with the result. Common areas that need repainting are window sills and door frames – make sure to pay attention to them.


There’s going to be some activities in the upkeep of your home that may prove more difficult or risky than others. Make sure to enlist the appropriate experts’ help. For example, EchoHousePainting, a residential painting services in Newton, MAcan guide you in reapplying paint where necessary and offer finishing recommendations. Seeing an expert’s viewpoint, at least every couple of years can delay the need for exterior painting for a couple more years, saving you tons of money. 

Be proactive

The best way of extending the lifetime of your paint jobs is to establish a timeline of house maintenance and stick to it. If you’re noticing cracks, it’s already a bit late if your goal is prevention. Exterior home painting can last many more years if you take care of things before they deteriorate. Make sure to keep your house’s health somewhere at the back of your mind – it serves to protect you from the elements, and you have a duty, in turn, to protect it.

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