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How to Choose a Dependable Lift Maintenance Company

Like all machines, residential and commercial lifts need maintenance and occasional repairs to keep them running smoothly. That requires the help of a specialist. Property owners can read on to find out how to find the best lift maintenance services in Singapore to keep their lifts running smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Choose a Company with the Right Experience

There are numerous types of lifts, so it’s important to make sure the company’s technicians have experience working with the specific model found in the building. Hydraulic elevators operate using different mechanisms than traction elevators, and many manufacturers include proprietary parts and systems in their designs, so the right company for the job should have experience working with the specific lift model. The technician’s level of expertise will determine their ability to diagnose, maintain, and repair the equipment, so this is an essential qualification.

Ask About Mechanic Availability

Even the best lift repair company won’t be able to resolve client’s problems quickly and efficiently if their mechanics are all under a heavy workload. Overworked mechanics are also less likely to be available for unexpected repairs, and they’re more likely to miss important issues due to rushed schedules. The best way to avoid these issues is to ask how many elevators the company’s mechanics service on their regular routes and whether emergency repairs will be available if needed.

Request Information on Lift Modernization

Older lifts weren’t always built to the same safety and accessibility standards as their modern equivalents. Those older lifts can often be upgraded to include new components and technological features, boost safety ratings, and improve efficiency. Working with a maintenance company that provides modernization services happy wheels demo can save property owners a lot of money since it means they won’t have to install completely new lifts unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Look for a Repair Company with Installation Capabilities

Replacing an aging lift isn’t always the best solution since most existing equipment can be repaired, upgraded, or modernized. However, if the lift is more than 20 years old or needs constant repairs just to keep it running, it may be more cost-efficient to replace it. Since this day will eventually come for every property owner, it’s better to work with a maintenance company that can also help clients choose new equipment and install it for them.

Research Past Projects

Request references from past clients or a portfolio that details the company’s recent work. When researching past projects, look for clients with similar elevators and buildings and reach out to them. Ask about their experiences with the company, what kind of work they had performed, and whether they would recommend the service to others.

Expect Excellent Customer Service

Even if the company’s mechanics are incredibly skilled, it won’t do property owners any good if they can never contact anyone. When scheduling maintenance or repairs with a new company, ask for a point of contact and pay attention to early warning signs like feeling rushed, not getting calls back from the company’s representatives, or refusing to allow clients to speak with the primary mechanic. If these issues come up, look elsewhere for service.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a lift maintenance company doesn’t have to be hard. It just takes a little leg work. Follow the steps above to find a maintenance service that property owners can trust.


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