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Four regular tips to keep your flat in top shape after a home refurbishment in London

It takes the average homeowner a few days to realise that, even when the refurbishment work is over, the job isn’t truly finished. After a home refurbishment in London, the maintenance work begins, and this can be time and energy consuming.  But there are some simple tricks to make sure you stay on top of maintaining your home and keeping the time spent on maintenance to a minimum.

Starting with-

  1. Looking for trouble: Issues will only make themselves known at the last possible minute. This means taking a proactive approach to addressing problems before they happen essential. This can be as simple as doing a regular check over a room and spotting scuffs and scratches, or just walking a friend through your space and asking what they think needs improvement. If you are ever away for a holiday or long weekend, take some time to walk through your flat with new-found objectivity and these will leap out at you.
  2. Learn how to make improvements: It’s often the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. Adding new art or shelving to your walls can quickly change the entire appearance of a space and provide a striking change to the aesthetic and usability of even the smallest flat. Taking time how to make these changes yourself can be empowering as you will not need to rely on the availability of tradesmento turn up. Start by learning how to hang pictures and shelving, fix blockages in your sinks, or how to properly paint and redecorate your walls. Start small to build your confidence and you may be surprised where you end up.
  3. Stay on repairs: While rewiring electrics or fixing your plumbing may be a little bit beyond the layman, taking time to try out a little DIY can help make sure you can address small issues before they become big ones. This can be as straightforward as learning how to fix your shelving, buff out scrapes, or work on bigger issues like testing your lights or devices for faults. Being able to address these issues and call in professionals when necessary can mark the difference between a small inconvenience to losing your weekend while repairs are being made at great expense.
  4. ‘Live’ in your space: Despite all the needs to maintain your flat, remember that your flat is meant to be lived in and should be a home rather than a performance space. Things will get broken, walls will get marked, and there just may not be enough time to fix things if they do get knocked about if they get broken. While constant diligence may be impossible, taking an extra minute to clean up after yourself can help the accumulation of rubbish, accidents happening, or other issues – which may add a little time to your day but will save you time on a massive clean or expense on hiring a regular cleaning service. After all, even the busiest person can spend an extra 30 seconds rinsing their spoon and putting it in the dishwasher.

Here’s how to keep your home in amazing condition before, during and after a home refurbishment in London.

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