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Five Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovation works to solve various problems in your home. Whether it’s to fix an ergonomics problem, obsolescence of appliances or the entire room, or to change the use of a place, renovations need to be well thought out and well planned to make the experience a reality. When renovating a bathroom, there are several mistakes to avoid. 

Here are, in our experience, five mistakes to avoid.

Bad Ventilation In The Bathroom

The bathroom must have a fan with exit to the outside. Ideally, this fan should be equipped with a timer programmed at 20 minutes to ensure that the evacuation of moisture has time to be well evacuated. Minimally, a bathroom must have a window as an alternative source of ventilation and even light. These two elements will prevent the appearance of surface moisture. Surface moisture deteriorates the paint, rust the metal and causes mould to appear. Mould is very harmful to health.

The Lack Of Storage In The Bathroom

It is essential to consider the storage space as the bathroom is a multifunctional room. A vanity, a bath, a shower, a heater, a toilet, all these elements require that space is judiciously planned so that all the items are well integrated, and clearance spaces are considered, to ensure excellent ergonomics. You have to use space wisely since the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house. So, be free to be creative and use all available space, avoiding filling the bath with additional units. 

The Lack Of Lighting

The daily tasks of the bathroom require proper lighting. Whether for makeup or shaving, good light will always be necessary to have a job of precision and quality. Unfortunately, lighting is often neglected during renovation projects, and this often leads to the need to start again. Make sure you have good lighting by installing lights in the sink, wall and mirror. Having proper lighting is also safe since it limits the danger of falling when leaving a bath or shower.

The Use Of Porous Materials In A Bathroom

The bathroom is and will always be a damp and messy room. Unfortunately, there will still be splashing water on floors and walls. Since the walls of your bathroom will ever be exposed to moisture, they must be waterproof. Therefore, when choosing tiles, paint and finishes, make sure the vaughan bathroom repair & renovations professionals use the materials as waterproof to prevent the growth of mould or fungus.

Forget About Thinking About Electricity

The problems caused by electricity are often the result of poor planning, and this brings immediate and long-term issues. Bathrooms are parts of the house that require electrical installations. So ask about these devices before installing them to be sure of their safety and that they comply with the needs of the law.

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