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Finer Methods for Your Options in the Choices of The Best Doors

Typically, the quality of the criteria is primarily used for interior design, and only then come parameters such as price, reliability and convenience. This is quite rational, given that high-quality doors are almost always convenient and reliable, they differ most in design, so this criterion can be considered first when choosing. Here is a list of criteria in decreasing order of importance:

  • design (color, pattern, surface texture, the presence of glass or decorative effects),
  • cost (it must be taken into account that the door will most likely require more than one),
  • workmanship (as well as reliability, durability, resistance to domestic influences),
  • Special requirements (scratch resistance, if the house has small children or pets, etc.),
  • Usability and ease of maintenance.

This list can only be supplemented by indicating that the doors must provide the required level of sound insulation (for example, it is especially important if necessary to create comfortable conditions for sick relatives or small children), be resistant to moisture (after all, these doors will be installed in bathroom and kitchen), and also imply the necessary level of maintainability. When it comes to the doors for sale then it is for sure that you will be having the best deals now.

Taking these points into account, you can more easily choose the most suitable interior doors for your interior.

When buying doors, the question often arises: what to choose – natural veneer doors or laminated door cover? When finishing the doors using natural wood veneer, walnut, oak, ash, natural veneer Fine line (wenge, cherry). Laminated doors include: doors lined with artificial (synthetic) veneer and laminate.

Doors faced with artificial (synthetic veneer)

The main distinguishing feature of the manufacturing technology of doors veneered with synthetic veneers is the use of furniture textured paper impregnated with special fixing varnishes. Synthetic coating in combination with a frame-honeycomb design gives the doors resistance to external influences and significantly reduces the cost of the finished product relative to doors with a natural coating. Today, the company “Potential Plus” offers new products, lined with finish films with the effect of natural veneer. These finish films have increased wear resistance, good resistance to chemical attack, thermal and moisture resistance due to coating with special varnishes.

Laminate doors

Laminate – It is a modern technological laminate (CPL) up to 0.8 mm thick. An important criterion for choosing laminate is its environmental friendliness, despite its artificial origin. It does not have any harmful fumes or decay products during combustion, is not able to retain radiation, etc. Doors with a laminate coating can rightly be called durable, since their coating can withstand significant shock-mechanical effects and at the same time has anti-vandal properties, it does not remain followed by small scratches or dents. The material is water resistant, which makes maintenance as simple as possible.

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