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Published on January 7th, 2020 | by admin


DIY Diamond Painting for Relieving Stress

Well, everyone has their own way to relieve their stress. If you like to do an activity that is related to the handicraft, you may try the diamond painting. It has some other names such as diamond mosaic, Diamond embroidery, diamond dots, pixel hobby, and diamond art. This handicraft utilizes a combination of stitch, embroidery, and paint. The diamond embroidery has a lot of designs that make people can make what they wanted. The people can do the DIY diamond arts by using the diamond kits. They can do individually or with their group. Well, it’s a good choice to relieve their stress. 

The diamond arts have several types that can be chosen by the people to relieve their stress. The first one is the full drill diamond arts. Like its name, the people need to fulfill and cover all or part of the canvas with the pattern. The second one is partial drill diamond arts. This type only covers some parts of the canvas with the diamonds or rhinestone. Well, this type of diamond arts is suitable for beginners since they don’t need to cover all of the parts and can be finished quickly. In this type, people can choose the shape of the canvas to be used for the diamonds art. There are two shapes of canvas including round and square. For the beginner, the square canvas is more suitable since it can be finished faster than the round canvas. For the expert, they may prefer to use the round canvas since there are many areas that should be covered. 

Well, diamond art is not a difficult thing to do. Reading the instruction of how to diamond Paint will help people to do it easily. First of all, people need to buy the diamond kit that consists of pink pen wax, white drill tray, black tweezers, a clear sparkle diamond pen with comfort grip, and clear storage baggies as well as the canvas. You may need to understand the canvas that will be used. There is a symbol and DCM Code chart on one side of the canvas. And, the image on the canvas needs to be broken down in order to make a pattern grips that contain the symbols. The pattern grid will make a version of the chosen artwork. Then, you can start the work by placing the drills on the small area of the canvas. First, the diamond pen should be prepared by inserting the metal tip into the pink wax for depositing the wax into the tip of the pen. After the wax is ready, pick up some drills and place it on the canvas so that the adhesive force is stronger than the wax. In order to get the best result, you can use the diamond pen for picking the drill tray. You can place the tip of the pen on the top of a drill and press the drill to the symbol of the pattern grid. You may need to do it gently so that the pattern can be painted nicely.

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