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Dishwasher: Energy Consumption

Do you know what energy labels are? Nowadays, every electronic appliance comes with an energy label. You can see these labels on dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machine, air conditioners, etc. You can check these labels to know power consumption. You can read three terms given on the energy label of a vaatwasser kopen.

  • Energy Class: Energy class helps you to know how efficient the dishwasher is. You can find energy class from A+ to A+++, where A+ is minimum and A+++ maximum energy saving, class. You can see some labels with energy class A+++ – 10%. It means that it will save 10% more energy than ordinary A+++ class.
  • kWh per wash: This is the energy consumption per wash. You can check how much energy is consumed when you use the dishwasher once.
  • kWh per year: This indicates, energy consumption per year. You can see how much energy it consumes every year.

By knowing all these terms and reading the information on the energy label, you can make important buying decisions.

Energy Consumption Chart:

In this Chart, we will show you how much energy is consumed by a different class of dishwashers. You can see the average consumption of an average family who uses one.

  • Dishwasher label: A+Consumption per wash: 1.05 kWh
  • Consumption per year: 290 kWh
  • Yearly Cost: €80
  • Dishwasher label: A++
  • Consumption per wash: 0.96 kWh
  • Consumption per year: 260 kWh
  • Yearly Cost: €68
  • Dishwasher label: A+++
  • Consumption per wash: 0.83 kWh
  • Consumption per year: 230 kWh
  • Yearly Cost: €55

You can clearly see that A+++ class dishwasher is more energy-efficient. You can save more than €25 every year if you choose a dishwasher which consumes less energy.

How to use dishwasher efficiently?

Apart from making a smart buying decision, you can also save additional energy by using your dishwasher efficiently. In this post, we will show you how to use your equipment to save maximum power.

  • Avoid Pre-rinsing: Avoid pre-rinsing the dishes. It will not help you to save energy. In fact, the dishwasher consumes more energy when you pre-rinse the dishes.
  • ECO program: If your equipment has an ECO program, use it to clean your dishes. When you use this program, you can save energy as well as water.
  • Avoid overcrowding: If you think, you are saving energy by overcrowding your dishwasher, you are wrong. Overcrowding your equipment will consume more power. Always use it as per the capacity.
  • Clean the filter: You have to clean the filter regularly to improve the drainage. If the water is adequately drained, it will consume less energy.
  • New dishwasher: The best option is to buy a new one. If your old machine is not working or if you have to make frequent repairs, buy a new one. You can save up to 60% of energy.
  • Avoid heat drying: Don’t use the heat drying mechanism; instead you can air-dry your dishes to save power.


This is how you can save electricity by making a smart decision. Make sure you check the energy label before you buy a dishwasher. You should always choose an energy-efficient one because it consumes less energy. Follow efficient dishwashing techniques to save additional power.

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