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Differences Between A Modular And Manufactured Home

Do you have a manufactured, or modular home? Chances are you may need replacement parts. However, do you know the difference between the two? While they are similar in the instance, that they are both built in factories, talking about the same time to construct. No waiting on the weather to get your home finished. However, that is where the similarities stop.

A manufactured home is also called a mobile home, or trailer. People prefer the name manufactured home to keep away from the stigmatizing, associated with trailer living. A manufactured home is constructed on a trailer frame with wheels. This is really on so that it may be transported to its permanent spot. However, some choose to leave them on the wheel frame, in case they decide to move it. To be correct though, the difference between a mobile and manufactured home is actually when it was built. A mobile home was constructed before 1976. A manufactured home adheres to HUD regulations and is called such.

A modular home is also made in a factory, but are not regulated by HUD codes. They are regulated just like a stick built homes, and have to conform to state, and local building codes. Some are transported on wheels and then removed to be put on foundations, however, some are also sent on trucks in block form to be loaded onto the foundations by cranes.

Repairing your home, no matter what type it is. Every home needs repairs, it’s just a fact of life, but where do you get manufactured home supplies? Sure, you can go to your local home center and probably find what you need, after wandering back in forth for what seems like hours. Why not find a place that specifically caters to your exact needs.

Look for a one-stop shop for everything that has to do with factory-built housing and recreational vehicles. They should have the products that are specifically designed for replacements, and repairs in your factory-built home.

Typically, since the 1950’s trailers are what people lived in. Towards 1976 they started to be wider, longer, and less moveable. Starting in the 1980s, modular and manufactured homes gained popularity, as they looked more like homes, instead of trailers. They were also much more affordable than traditional stick built homes. Just as every stick built homes need repairs, so do manufacture and modular homes.

When looking for supplies, you will be sure to find them from a reputable mobile home parts supplier.

Everyone can shop at a mobile home parts supplier for all your manufactured home supplies, whether you are a homeowner or a contractor. They are dedicated to helping you enjoy a long life of living in and enjoying your home.

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