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Design A Beautiful Backyard For Your Residence

Having a beautiful back yard is one of the best aspects of homeownership. Being able to customize and really make it your personal peaceful retreat of therapeutic ambience can be accomplished in a multitude of ways.


A deck is one of the most basic and functional inclusions to a back yard. It elevates festivities from ground level which has many advantages such as a better view, avoiding muddy feet, and more protection from pests. Laying out in the sun, pulling out the grill, playing cards at the table under the umbrella and a plethora of other things take place on the deck. It is also can be visually beautiful when incorporated on your property.

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence shows that you care about your yard by creating a border to clearly signal where your land starts and begins. This type of fence is more appealing to look at that wired fences and is often made of elegant premium wood.

There is less conflict with the neighbours over who owns that patch of land, who should have to cut down that hazardous tree, it minimizes being scoped out by would-be criminals or peeping toms, and protects from wild animals that could do you or your family harm.


A garden is a traditional inclusion to a backyard and for good reason. Besides being able to grow edible fruits and vegetables, it is visually mesmerizing to look at. It adds an ambience of nature that can not be duplicated any other way. Planting directly in the ground or an array of pots and raised flowerbeds can be a stunning presentation.

If a bigger scale horticultural endeavour is being taken on 1 or multiple greenhouses will truly give the yard a special green thumb look. Growing lavender is so pretty with the deep purple colour and it’s actually a natural mosquito repellant for outdoor activities. Flowers beds and mini orchards along with other specialized landscaping is the foundation for any mesmerizing back yard.


A pool is the cornerstone of a beautiful and fun backyard. Summertime fun with music, food, and good friends is complete with a pool. Over 70% of the world is covered in water and over 70% of the world’s population lives close to the coast as water plays an important role in our lives.

A pool brings aquatic fun from the oceans and lakes right to your backyard. The optics of a quality pool looks very classy and immaculate. If an elaborate in-ground pool isn’t feasible, an option may be more practical and affordable.

The Land

When it comes to enhancing the ground with premium soil for gardening purposes, creating an artificial beach with imported sand, or using gravel for a walk and driveways, one of the ideal company to use can be Sand 4 U to make your dreams come true. This is what will be the literal foundation for your gorgeous backyard endeavours.

Basketball Court

Playing basketball behind the house to relax, get a workout, or connect with others during getting together events is very enjoyable. No need to go to the park or gym to play a game of 2 on 2. A basketball court is a feature often found in the backyards of celebrity houses, mansions, and savvy homeowners. However, It doesn’t cost a fortune to have one yourself. The basketball court can also double as a tennis court and this beautiful display implies your fitness is given as much attention as your beautiful yard and landscape.

Outdoor Furniture & Accessories 

Furniture including stone statues, wooden benches, beach chairs, picnic tables, hammocks, gazebos, grilling areas, and other additions are perfect accessories for an already mesmerizing yard with the before mentioned soil/sand/gravel, structures, and vegetation.

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