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Benefits of Selling a Home “As Is” | Grace And Light Studio

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Published on May 7th, 2021 | by admin


Benefits of Selling a Home “As Is”

When you go to sell your home, there are so many choices to make: do you want to sell using a realtor? Do you want to sell directly? How many improvements do you need to make? Can you sell the home “as is”? Turns out, selling your house “as is” has several benefits that can make the house selling process easier for you, particularly if your home is unwanted and you’re looking to sell fast.

Less work upfront: Selling your property is usually synonymous with a deep clean, and staging your house for showing, so everything has to be “just so.” If you’re selling “as is,” there is no need to go through all that trouble. Broadcasting that you’re selling your home “as is” means you avoid clearing your belongings or making the house showroom-ready.

Fewer upfront expenses: Deep cleaning your house, purging your belongings, and preparing for showings can come with significant expenses. Home sellers often make minor to major fixes in their spaces, doing everything from repainting and re-wallpapering to replacing bathroom and kitchen components to improve the house’s appearance and appeal. When you sell “as is,” none of those factors apply to you. Don’t worry about the renovations, and save time and money.

Quicker closing process: If you’re looking to sell your unwanted home in Utah, you’re looking at your property sitting on the market for at least a month on average. If you sell your house “as is,” you can typically sell it quickly for cash to a reputable home buyer. This process can take as little as two weeks in many instances. So if your timeframe doesn’t allow for seeing what the market does and waiting to sell, an “as is” cash sale will expedite that process.

Less stress: We’ve talked about what’s required for preparing a house for a traditional sale, and it’s a lot of work. Selling “as is” doesn’t just mean saving yourself time and money– it offers peace of mind as well. Instead of complicating the sale of your house, wash your hands of it with ease.

Whether you’re selling a beloved house and need to move quickly, or you inherited an unwanted home you need to sell fast in Utah, consider selling your place “as is.” This process means no repair costs, no deep clean, and no waiting around with no guarantee of sale. If you live in Utah, and selling your home quickly interests you, Joe Homebuyer can help. Give us a call today.

Joe Homebuyer of Utah will help you with selling a home “as is” in any condition, no matter your circumstances. We will give you an all-cash offer for your home with no-obligation. When you sell to us, the process is easy and there are no commissions or closing costs coming out of your pocket. We can help you sell your home fast.

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