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9 Tips On How To Avoid Common AC Repair Scams

Over the past years, heating and air conditioning systems have become a popular household item. It plays an important role in ensuring that everyone inside your home is at their utmost comfort. However, every homeowner should be aware that certain issues may arise.

It is every homeowner’s job to pay attention to these signs of repair and maintenance issues. With that in mind, here are nine tips on how you can effectively avoid AC repair Herndon scams.

  1. Always check your AC’s warranty

Your warranty is more than just a mere agreement on a piece of paper as it is also a form of protection. You can avoid repair costs should your AC break down if it is still under the warranty period. Don’t just take your repairman’s word for it. Check the AC’s warranty and manual for yourself.

  1. Research

There are a lot of mistakes that can be avoided with ample research. Go online and find a reputable AC repair Herndon company. You can do background checks and read through the reviews of their past customers and clients.

  1. Check if your choice is licensed and insured

Do keep in mind that all AC repair companies should be properly licensed and insured. Verifying company credibility is standard procedure for someone who is looking through the long list of repair services.

  1. Try troubleshooting it on your own

As soon as your AC system breaks down, don’t call the first AC repair Herndon service you see online. Instead, try troubleshooting it on your own first. Who knows? You may be able to solve the issue yourself. Has the breaker tripped? Has the air filter been changed recently? These are the questions you should consider before calling a technician.

  1. Ask yourself the basic questions first

Stemming from the previous point, there are questions that you should ask yourself first. Do you notice any debris piling up or anywhere around your outside unit? Did you change your air filter recently? Does your thermostat have power? Is it operating well?

  1. Ask for old parts that were supposedly replaced

This is a great hack as most contractors would charge you per part. In this case, ask for the part that was replaced. This can help prevent scammers from getting their hands on parts that are still in good condition. In fact, this is a common tactic performed by scammers, yet, a lot of people still fall for this.

  1. Put it in writing

It is common sense that any agreement should be put in writing. This will prevent any instance of crafty bait and switch. Make sure details, such as payment methods, penalties, list of materials, and dates, are written down.

  1. Be wary of “Free Tune Ups”

There are a number of repair companies that offer free estimates, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, do note that some scammers use this as their own tactic to lure in victims. Be extremely careful of any suspicious activities.

  1. Be wary of what happens before, during, and after

In the end, the best way to avoid these scammers is to ensure that everything that has been agreed upon is in writing and that you should be very much aware with what is happening before, during, and after the repair process.

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