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The Right Vacuum Cleaner You Need to have Now

Snoopy, Snowy, Pepito, Gribouille, Filou. Many of you have adopted a small ball of fur. A pleasure that goes hand in hand with some constraints, in particular that of cleaning the hairs scattered all over the house. Which vacuum cleaner to choose to get rid of it and continue to live in a healthy home?

Vacuum cleaner with or without bag?

One is not better than the other. The bag is not a criterion of choice. Some people will find it very advantageous not to have bags to buy because of the volume of hairs to regularly throw in the trash. Others will prefer the efficiency and discretion of vacuum cleaners with bags. You can choose a best pet hair vacuum cleaner for the same.

The accessory that makes all the difference: the turbo brush

Getting an animal’s hair off a carpet is extremely laborious with a traditional brush. Anyone who has tried will tell you, the hairs tend to clump together, but they stick well to the carpet. The turbo-brush or electro-brush makes all the difference. Its integrated rotary system is very efficient at extracting animal hair from rugs and carpets. The mini turbo brush is also very useful for cleaning sofas, bedding and car.

A good filter for better hygiene

Animals carry bacteria and allergens. Choosing a model equipped with a HEPA filter limits the release of foul odors and particles into the air. Remember, we change or wash the filter at least every 6 months! The HEPA filter can be passed underwater if its outline is blue or gray. Be sure to let it dry for the necessary time. HEPA filters with a green frame are disposable only. Your vacuum cleaner contains different filters. Refer to the instructions for when and how to change them. This is essential to maintain   impeccable hygiene and a good level of suction without damaging the engine. 

Reasonable sound volume

This is not necessarily the number one criterion, but if the noise of your vacuum cleaner already terrifies your cat, opting for a more discreet model will be less traumatic for him. The models with bag are most of the time less noisy than the “without bag”. Choose a model that does not exceed 70 dB.

Having a dog at home means adjusting to a completely different pace of life than other people without. It also includes a few minor annoyances on a daily basis, including hairs getting everywhere.

Living with a dog means accepting a little mess and especially a lot of hair. The homes of dog owners are likely to be less neat and clean (this is only a generalization, of course) than the other, but this does not prevent that we should keep a minimum of storage and of hygiene. And this is possible thanks to the right equipment.


Indeed, finding effective and above all durable accessories is a difficult task, especially if you think of using them on a daily basis. The vacuum cleaners are essential for teachers, because they can clean up dust and hairs pets. We’ve put together a list of the best vacuum cleaner brands to have if you’re a dog owner for you:

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