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The Right Options You need for the Right Move Now

When we talk about moving, most of the time we mean moving by an individual. However, there are two distinct types of move: the individual move, and the business move, also called business transfer. The two trades overlap, and a large number of professional movers offer both activities.

Company moving – office furniture

However, a business move is not to be taken lightly and not every mover is necessarily qualified to carry out a business transfer. Even if there is generally less furniture (in proportion) than for a private move, which makes the task faster and easier, there are specificities to take into account in order to organize the best possible way. change of premises. What are these specificities? What are the main differences with a private move? Can you entrust your business transfer to a traditional mover? For the long distance movers North Carolina this is important.

Planning constraints

In the majority of cases, the company move must be carried out according to a precise schedule so as not to interrupt the activity of the company. To go quickly, it is therefore necessary to make a substantial team available over a limited number of days , which is not available to any moving company. 

The ability to plan this type of move is also critical. Generally, a pre-construction meeting must be organized in order to prepare for the big day so that employees are informed of the progress of the move.

Handling of professional equipment

Office furniture is generally easier to disassemble and transport than private furniture. Indeed, for each room we will find the same furniture: desk, chair, storage box, computer … Also, the furniture will therefore more easily stack or fit together when loading the truck.

However, we can also find specific equipment for the professional activity of the moving company: machines, servers, large printers, scanners etc. This requires real expertise, and therefore movers specialized in the transfer. business.


For a small business transfer (TPE-PME), for the same volume, the company move costs less than the private move. When there is only classic office furniture, a “generalist” mover can provide this service without problem. Only, it will not necessarily cost the quote in a specific way and you will potentially have higher prices than a specialized company. Thus, it is often interesting to request moving quotes from a company specializing in business transfers.

For a company which is starting to have a substantial size (> 50 employees), the prices can go up according to the complexity of the planning and the means to be implemented to avoid one or more days of interruption of activity.

Find the right mover

To obtain moving quotes for your business transfer, do not hesitate to contact us: Nextories works with generalist companies as well as companies specializing in business relocation, and we will be able to advise you in order to find the best quality / price ratio .

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