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Here are the reasons why your kitchen pipe is clogging often

How many times have you washed the crockery or your hands and notice that the water does not drain properly? The obstruction occurs mainly in the siphon or trap, which is the curve placed in the drains of toilets, bathtubs, dishwashers, washing machines and pipes. The function of this, due to its shape, is to prevent water leaks, bad odors from the pipes and prevent insects from entering your home. Clogged drains can ruin your day. However, with a little knowledge, you can take charge. Here are the top six enemies of free-flowing drains. We always recommend calling for help. Professional rooters near you know the situation well and it will bring you a quick solution at affordable prices, without any damage.


Long strands of hair tend to bunch up inside drains and cause blockages.


Sometimes ordering the half-pound triple cheeseburger seems like a good idea, but throwing leftovers down the drain instead of garbage creates clogs.


Maybe you spent the last two months hiking in the mountains, or maybe you walked three feet from the front door to plant two petunias. Either way, you will need a good shower. Clods and dirt can clog the drain. Try to get rid of some of the sticky residue before your shower.


There are times when you need a lot of toilet paper. However, excess toilet paper down the toilet can have repercussions. Keep in mind how much you use and there will be no problem.


If you stopped using happy wheels demo soap when you shower, you would not have as many blockages. Instead, use liquid shower gel instead of bar soap to prevent soap scum from forming in the drain.


Fat is misleading. It comes as a liquid, so you think it is going to go down the drain, but once it is there, it starts to do tricks, hardening and sticking to the pipes, causing greasy drain clogs. Home remedies like baking soda and vinegar can lead to more frustration.

What to do

If the elements mentioned above have reached the pipe, its correct operation can be a little more complicated. Never pour grease down the sink. Instead, put it in containers and take it to clean points for   proper management. Once a week, pour a pot of hot water to melt the fat and avoid bad odors due to its accumulation. Periodically clean the plugs in the bathroom and dishwasher. You will notice the amount of food or hair that tends to accumulate and prevent the proper functioning of the drain. At this point, we recommend leaving your solution in the hands of professionals for optimal results.







Pipes with dirty water

It is a common problem, but perhaps the easiest to solve. Generally, it means that the faucets have not been opened for a long time. However, if the water is still dirty, it is an indication of a deterioration of the pipe, due to its age. In this case, we recommend consulting an expert on the subject.


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