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Five Online Reputation Management Tools

How to Keep a Healthy Reputation

This article covers at least five positive avenues a person can take to ensure a positive and fresh take on managing their personal or business reputation. Each management company takes reputation in different ways and approaches keeping a healthy reputation for personal or business use interesting and challenging.

Alerts by Google

Of course, everyone is concerned about what other people are saying about us. Our names are valuable and they are for most of us our livelihood as well. The more public our names are the more important they become. A good name can win the world, while a bad reputation over time can destroy a career and under circumstances a life. One of the most powerful tools that Google® has provided for everyone is online alerts. Google alerts is the first of many reputation management tools that a person can find on the internet. There has been an explosion of them in the past three years. Google® alert is created for a keyword. The alert could be for a person, a product, or a search for any topic. Google ties that alert to your email address and sends you a message with every time that alert shows up throughout the internet: blogs, news, reviews, etc. As these alerts arrive a person can check them out and give a critical eye, especially if is something that adversely affects our name or our business.


SentiOne brands itself as an online listener for others. It uses its IT expertise to keep in touch of who is saying, reporting, blogging about who and what not only now but also over time. This is a great tool to use to manage reputation. SentiOne’s services may be out of reach for individuals, but for a team or an enterprise, their tools are very useful. Many of their services sum up what they do like “online reputation management,” “social listening,” “audience insights,” or ” sentiment analysis.” Reputation management tools are a positive way to keep your reputation intact and integral to your mission, brand and the way you want to be seen and understood by others.

Reputation Refinery

Almost every person you meet is concerned about what people are saying about the things they love and cherish the most. That is because what we care about we have a personal investment in. What could be more an investment than our very name? Of course, another thing that we are concerned about is . how others are believing what rumors are getting around. A new company that has become a go-to for brands and personalities is Reputation Management. They first recommend a person try to sort things out on their own at first, but they do have paid for services where they can do the heavy lifting for their clients. Their promise is simple. They will actively search out a brand or person’s reputation as it is recorded on the internet, assess it, and give a “no fluff” a 15-page detailed study of what can be done to improve the brand’s reputation.


Chatmeter brands itself as online management for chains and multi-location agencies. Chatmeter works with hundreds of social apps where most positive or negative things are shared about companies and brands and reports directly to the brand identity management team what is being discovered as it happens to help them manage their reputation.


ReviewInc takes a different approach to personal reputation management. They approach reputation management strictly from a positive approach; that is, they inform what has been said about a client, but give positive suggestions about what are things to do to turn the reviews around. They offer a free ebook to get a person started. People give reviews for all kinds of reasons and ReviewInc sees those reviews as an opportunity to change the one that seems unfavorable. They also offer a free app to work with those reviews in real time.

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