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Edmonton carpet cleaning procedure

Different companies support different carpet cleaning procedures and charge different cleaning prices depending on square footage, number of room or dirt level. If you are going for carpet cleaning in Edmonton, then it is important to know the price and the carpet cleaning procedure first before you take up the services.

Hiring professional carpet cleaners isn’t a simple task. Different types of carpets are treated differently. The cost and procedure of carpet cleaning depends on the size and material of the carpet and the amount of cleaning required. Sometimes the cleaning is done on site while often it needs to be taken way for off-site cleaning. An inspection team will tell you the type of cleaning required and the estimate for that. 

Deep carpet cleaning and stain removal procedure

Often carpet cleaners use a high temperature, truck mounted method or steam cleaning approach to clean your carpets. The heating water temperature is used up to 110 degrees Celsius which allows the cleaners to do a deep and thorough cleaning of the carpets without involvement of any harsh chemicals. Using high water temperature delivers faster drying time and residue free results. It also helps in wiping out bad odor from your carpet.

The deep cleaning method also wipes out tough stains more efficiently in comparison to the other methods. However, if you want spot cleaning, then it needs some pre-treatment for a thorough cleaning. If you have pets at home then pet stain removal techniques may also be needed for proper carpet cleaning. The professional cleaners know how to treat difficult stains and bring best results. 

Different kinds of carpets cleaned

No matter what kind of carpet material you have, right from wool to nylon, polyester to Persian or triexta, carpets of all textures and materials can be cleaned perfectly well. Whether you have Berber carpet, textured carpet, twist carpet, pattern carpet or frieze carpet, all kinds of carpets can easily be cleaned. While high pile carpets attract more dirt and need more frequency cleaning, low pile doesn’t need it. 

So, the cleaning methods may vary depending on the material and texture of the carpet. Like synthetic carpets may be more stain resistant in comparison to natural carpets such as wool. 

The procedure for carpet cleaning is given below:

Carpet cleaning in Edmonton has a particular procedure to get the best results:

  1. First and foremost, all the furniture is removed from the area to get highest cleaning space. 
  2. Once removed, dry vacuuming is done on the carpet.
  3. Then pre-spray treatment is done on the carpeted area
  4. Lastly, steam extraction method is used to remove dirt, debris, foreign material etc. from your carpet with a robust vacuum system.
  5. Lastly, fragrance is taken care of and grooming of the carpet is done

In the end, you get a fresher, cleaner and securer carpet for yourself. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Edmonton, then choose Canada Clean Home for it. You will have the best cleaning experience for your carpets. 

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