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Anatomy of a Walk in Fridge: Parts and Functions

Having a walk in fridge is crucial to your day-to-day business operation. From storage, power, to operating cost, this state-of-the-art technology continues to rise as one of the leading commercial equipment.

However, to complete proper maintenance and avoid sudden business interruptions, it is only important to get yourself familiarize with its parts and how each one functions accordingly.

To help you with that, here are a few important components that make up your walk in fridge.

#1) Compressor

Often called “the heart of a freezer,” the compressor is the prime cooling agent in any fridge. By absorbing the heat and making it evaporate into a gas, the compressor helps maintain the needed temperature for food storage.

#2) Evaporator

Often referred to as the “coil,” the evaporator does the job of distributing the cold air within your walk in fridge. Its primary function lies on freezing the moisture in the air and creating a wall to counter heat transfer. When ice finally accumulates, a defrost cycle will begin, melting the ice and draining it out from the system.

#3) Condenser

The condenser is an important component of your unit as it helps to convert the hot gas being discharged by the compressor into liquid form. It is a heat exchanger device, which compresses hot gas to a high-pressure, high-temperature liquid.

#4) Insulated Door

The refrigerator door is the one responsible for keeping cold air from escaping your coolrooms. Most types come with locks and alarms to ensure that no fridge-related mishaps might happen, especially if there are kids near the vicinity.

#5) Temperature Controller / LED Displays

This part helps keep a constant measure of the temperature within your freezer. Temperature controllers allow owners to monitor the condition within the unit and adjust the setting if necessary.

A walk in fridge is an important commercial facility, especially to those specializing in the food industry. With all the countless benefits this equipment offers, knowing each component is necessary to know the right maintenance and services to be availed.

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