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Published on April 23rd, 2020 | by Karin A. Hairston


9 Tricks To Make Most of Space In Your Small Apartment

Most starting families make do with short term apartment rentals. They think that since they are only starting out, they can make do with a small, temporary space. Your short term apartment rentals, however, can be a good long term solution even with one or two kids. It’s all a matter of being smart with your space. Every square-inch counts, and here are some of the best things you can do to make your space a little less temporary.

Vertical space

Since you have very limited floor space in your short term apartment rentals, remember that each square meter of space is from floor-to-ceiling. If, in your primary sketch, a specific corner was for a night table, reconsider it. While the empty headspace could provide some comfort, you might want to make that table taller or install shelves above your necessary headspace.

Avoid one-time-use things

There are things that appear nifty at first especially when they look like brand new inventions when you bought them. An example would be an egg steamer. Reconsider how often you will be using this item. There are other ways to cook eggs and you can do so with pans which can also be used to cook other items. Avoid trendy one-time-use things, and whenever you can, dispose of them during spring cleaning.

Spring clean each year

It’s very easy for a single person to accumulate useless things throughout the year. Imagine what else you can hoard with a partner or with children. As much as possible, dispose of items you hardly use. If you only used a particular item once or twice that year, it’s most likely not that valuable. Give it away to charity if you can’t bear the thought of tossing it in the bin.

Go foldable

Instead of going for furniture pieces that need to be bulky all the time, why not choose items with leaves? Collapsible items are all-the-range right now because people are appreciating smaller living spaces. Tables that are foldable or are made to fold into your wall allow you to have the necessary working surface when you need it and tuck it away when you are no longer using it.

Share big things

You can also put big items “on loan” to a friend. You can share ownership if they have a bigger living space. This way, you can have your friend store it for most of the year and ask for it only during times when you really need it.

Avoid multiple items

Bigger furniture which serves multiple purposes or could be used to store more things is wiser that multiple objects which do not really do much for your space. For example, instead of purchasing multiple love seats, why not purchase a bigger sofa that can fit the whole family? The same conditions should be considered when purchasing cabinets.

Decorate wisely

It’s tempting to overcrowd your walls with all the things you’ve always wanted your wall to have. However, a wall that’s too crowded with decorations can make your short term apartment rentals appear smaller. If you want your space to look brighter and bigger, mirrors are wise decors to install.

Choose furniture with storage

If you must have tables around in your home, something with storage features is better than a traditional one without. You can make use of trunks especially for center tables in front of the sofa. This will provide you with extra space for plates, books, and other things that could look cluttered if left exposed.


Keep your small space pragmatic and organized. You don’t need to know exactly where the scissors are, for example, but if you have a drawer where all the office supplies are, you’ll have an easier time fixing and doing the inventory. This way, you can also stop yourself from hoarding items you already have too much of.

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