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What Are Things You Must Know Of Black Granite Benchtop?

Granite is immune to scratches and stains and is virtually maintenance-free. Along with these features, it’s also very inexpensive and great to use outdoors, like benches, tables, and a countertop for an outdoor kitchen. The price of black granite benchtop varies, counting on the standard and colour.

The cheaper sort of black granites needs an additional coating of colour enhancers to bring out richer and more intense tones. You’ll choose between topcoat finishes that you think would look best and complement your kitchen ideas.

Render Top Quality And Beauty To Your Benchtop

To achieve that ultimate functional and ornamental benchtop, take time to settle on and weigh the pros and cons before you opt. Apart from the aesthetic appeal that it promises, make sure that you’ve examined the standard of every material. Check durability and its value for the cash that you simply would be spending thereon.

Once you’ve selected the material for black granite benchtop that you would like to use, choosing according to the plan will always be a good idea. You’ll create your benchtopdesign and mix it with other materials to realize the design that you wanted to buy.

Perfect Buyer’s Guide To Black Granite Benchtop

Available in a sort of colours, from browns to greys, pinks, and purples, granite has got to be the foremost beautiful option when it involves kitchen benchtops. Its grainy, mottled texture makes it both warm and welcoming. Being heat, scratch, stain, and impact-resistant, it’s economical and classy.

Here is a brief guide on things to remember when purchasing black granite benchtop:

Granite Direction

Once you recognize the difference between tiles and slabs, there’s another important thing that you should take care of when purchasing slabs. Black granite benchtop has unique patterns. There are some which have a wavy or flowing pattern. When buying these, confirm all the benchtops flow within the same direction.

Not only does it save your kitchen from an unsightly look, but it also prevents you from being tricked. Some fabricators use overlooked pieces from a previous job. It saves them money but gives you an eyesore. So beware and demand the same pattern and style of granite benchtop.


Polish gives a final touch to any surface. It instantly enhances the looks of the thing. Black granite benchtop requires top-notch quality polishing. It gives them a mirror-like quality. However, some fabricators polish the surface and skip the sides. The sides are covered by wax, which can begin within six months.

To measure the polish standard of the granite benchtop that you select, run your fork over it. It should be smooth to the touch and will not have any stains or prints. Run your hand on the sides. Does one feel anything rough? If so, it’s going to be a sign of inferiority craftsmanship.


Sealing offers protection from stains, spills, and scratches. If you spill anything on the surface, your black granite benchtop will still look its best. Wipe off employing a moist sponge. An honest sealant provides sealing that lasts almost a decade. Lighter granite may require sealing a touch early. So do make a note of these points when selecting black granite benchtop.

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