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Top Reasons Why Marble Benchtops Stands Out!

Despite the appearance and widespread introduction of various modern materials, the natural stone retains its position in interior decoration. For example, marble benchtops look excellent in the kitchen or the bathroom, decorated in a classic or utterly modern style. You should thus, find marble benchtops in Sydney and change your entire interior.

Top Reasons Why Marble Benchtops are ideal :

Great aesthetic qualities, giving plentiful opportunities for the implementation of a wide variety of design solutions. The unique natural stone pattern revealed by processing. Excellent visual compatibility with materials such as wood, metal, glass.

High hygiene and environmental properties :

Marble does not emit any volatile substances and does not decompose when heated or washed. It is easy to clean, completely non-toxic and chemically almost neutral.

Also, marble has a unique ability to regulate the humidity level in the room where the product from this stone is located. With high humidity, it absorbs part of the moisture, and in dry air, on the contrary, it gives up, maintaining optimal humidity at the level of 40-45%.

Resistance to microorganisms :

Marble benchtops do not absorb moisture or grease, and mould never starts on them. Marble is easy to keep in perfect cleanliness even without the use of special tools.

High-temperature resistance :

Although people still prefer to use coasters, just for fear of staining or scratching an elegantly smooth surface, even a hot frying pan can be safely placed on a natural marble benchtop.

Strength :

The excellent strength characteristics of marble are combined with its relatively easy machinability.

The possibility of restoration :

The surface of the marble benchtops can be restored to its former smoothness if careless handling has left not too deep marks. For this purpose, grinding and polishing are carried out using specialised equipment and materials.

Marble is always in a comfortable temperature range: in the heat, it does not get too hot, as it sometimes happens with metal surfaces, and it does not become unpleasantly cold if the room is cool. For example, when the climate control system is turned on for strong cooling.

Marble benchtops for interior decoration :

Marble benchtops in Sydney are a unique and noble element of the interior, which is also quite resistant to various negative influences. Marble perfectly tolerates prolonged exposure to high temperatures, does not absorb odour and fat. It is not afraid of accidentally spilt water; it will not lose its colour under direct sunlight and does not crack under a hot frying pan.

Marble is an excellent material for the manufacture of kitchen worktops, sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms, bar counters, etc. It can easily withstand all tests of high humidity, and the high decorativeness of marble will give the interior a special charm. Also, do not forget that this stone has excellent bactericidal and hygienic properties. Find the best marble benchtops in Sydney.

When choosing benchtops, in addition to colour and shape, it is necessary to select the type of end profiles and chamfers. In addition to the protective function of the edges from chipping, the facet also gives the place a finished look.

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