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Reasons to Buy a Portrait of a Subject You Don’t Know

Whether you want to buy a portrait of yourself or someone you do not know, portraits are popular art pieces. The reasons for having them may have changed but art lovers buy them for a variety of reasons.

You could easily commission an artist to do a charcoal portrait of you or even a painting. You could also purchase other types of portraits to adorn a bare wall in your home or office.

Why People buy Portraits

The reasons range from personalized gift items to you simply liked the way it looked. Here are a few more reasons why art lovers buy portraits.

The Portrait is Popular

Some portraits have been popular for centuries. Portraits depicting royals of certain kingdoms, the Mona Lisa and other portraits are always in high demand. Artists are repeatedly requested to reproduce portraits such as these.

The Mona Lisa, for instance, is veiled in mystery. She remains the most intriguing subject to date. Many art enthusiasts hold discussions for hours trying to figure out the expression on her face. That half-smile is said to hold many secrets.

Another portrait of note is that of the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Veneer. Getting your favourite portrait is easy as visiting Loulou Avenue to request an artist for one.

For Aesthetics

It is common for an art lover to buy a portrait simply because they find it beautiful. They may even have a clear idea of where they want to display it. The art piece could be fascinating to the buyer for any number of reasons including:

  • The unusual fashion worn by the subject
  • The backdrop
  • The uncommon composition
  • The subject has attractive features

It is quite alright to explain that you bought a piece because it is beautiful. That is if your guests want to know who the person in the portrait is.

The Subject’s Intriguing Bio

Some subjects may be political figures, royalty or people who have a fascinating history. A portrait of your favourite classical musician, such as Beethoven, may mean a lot to you. Some of the subjects in portraits lived a life full of scandal. Others are famous for the discoveries they made.

In fact, there are portraits of people who lived centuries ago. Their life stories are so intriguing that they have been made into bestselling novels and blockbuster movies.

The Portrait was Done by a Famous Artist

Sometimes you want a reproduction of a portrait because of the name behind it. You may not know the subject but the original was done by someone famous. Many portrait buyers opt for reproductions by artists such as Peter Paul Rubens or Van Dyck.

This is one way of owning art that you may love but cannot afford. Portraits and other artwork by artists such as Rubens, Van Dyck and Van Gogh go for colossal amounts of money.

The Story Behind the Portrait

Some art buyers buy a portrait because it has a fascinating history. Many original portraits by renowned artists are said to be lost. The World Wars, as well as major natural disasters in the past, may be to blame for this.

A reproduction of Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet may be intriguing because of the artist’s history with the subject. On release from the asylum, Van Gogh was placed under Dr. Gachet’s supervision.

He did not seem to think much of the doctor as indicated in a letter to his brother. He claimed the doctor was sicker than he was. However, in a letter to his sister, he described the doctor as a true friend. This friendship prompted the famous artist to paint two versions of the Portrait of Dr. Gachet.


Portraits are bought for sentimental reasons, for their beauty as well as for the stories they have to tell. Whatever your reason for buying one, a portrait could be a great conversation piece in your home. It does more simply decorate a wall.

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