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Know What A Floating Floor Is?

Engineered Flooring Vs Laminate Flooring: Major Differences, Pros And Cons  – Forbes Advisor

The charm of your home will depend on what kind of flooring installed in each room. Usually, wooden floors have been the first choice of every home as wood offers a timeless beauty that is unmatchable.

However, these days floating floors are also gaining ground and are becoming quite a preferable option in many homes. Let us, therefore, try to know in this post what is floating flooring is?

Floating floors are the easiest and also most effective method to install floor. A floating floor is one that does not need the use of nails to install. Instead of fastening wood boards together, you snap them together like puzzle pieces. As a result, rather than being firmly bonded to the substrate, the floor “floats” above it.

By preferring the floating floorboards you can make installation quick, easy, and cost-effective. This approach can be used on a variety of floor surfaces, including plywood, concrete, sheet vinyl, and even ceramic tiles.

A floating floor, on the other hand, can feel hollow under the feet if it is not put properly or if the subfloor is not prepped ahead of time, as you might expect.

Engineered wood flooring is the most popular wood flooring option for floating floors. Wood veneer applied to plywood layers is extremely sturdy and appears to be solid flooring.

What are the pros and cons of floating floors?

If you think to install floating flooring as an option then there can be the following pros and cons for your choice.


  1. Sounds almost like any real wooden floor, however, with a significant amount of soundproofing effect.
  2. Less expensive as compared to real wood
  3. Have quite good insulation properties
  4. Can correct any minor subfloor imperfection and can offer moderate levelling
  5. Can increase underfoot comfort and will be softer to feel if you walk on them as compared to traditional hardwood flooring surface.
  6. Much easier to install as compared to actual wooden floor
  7. A perimeter expansion gap is installed around the perimeter of all floating flooring. This kind of installation offers the advantage of allowing the flooring material to contract and expand, making it much more responsive to humid and warm settings.
  8. This flooring choice will be DIY friendly
  9. The installation process will be eco-friendly


  1. Its life will not be as much as any real wooden floor and hence you might have to replace them a little more frequently
  2. The value of your property may go down if such floors are installed in your home.
  3. You cannot refurbish them

However, nowadays people prefer this type of floor, and floating laminate flooring one of the popular option among homeowners. You may refer to the Flooring Domain website to know about the supplier’s address of such flooring material.

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