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Know More About Toilet Essentials Before Making Any Decision

Even though toilets are an important part of our daily life, the beauty and efficiency of it are often overlooked because toilets are always viewed as a utilitarian thing and not a lot of thought was put into it while purchasing. But in recent years this perception has changed. Toilets are now an integral part of any modern bathroom designs and as a result, they have gone through a makeover and new design and features have come into play to give you an enhanced toilet experience.

So, if you are planning to replace your existing toilet or to buy a new one then you have an array of products in front you to choose from. So, here is a basic overview of the products available for you:

Invisible concealed toilets: Here the cistern is concealed inside the wall, under counter or ceiling. So, the pan is only there to be seen. This modern toilet doesn’t need a lot of space so they are perfect if you have a smaller bathroom.

Close-coupled toilets: Here the cistern is joined with the pan so the flush pipe is not visible. This toilet has a very traditional look and it fits any bathroom design.

Wall faced toilet suites: Among the toilet suites on sale in Sydney, this is one the most popular choice. Also known as back to the wall toilet, here the pan along with the flush sits against the wall concealing all the pipes and leaving no space between the wall and the toilet. This is a very contemporary design and brings a bold look to your bathroom. Also, this suit is very easy to clean.

Connector toilet suites: This is the most traditional design available currently. Here the cistern is connected to the pan with a plastic pipe and connector plate. The advantage here is that this suit is very easy to install.

These are the most popular toilets in Sydney on sale currently. So once you are done with the design then you have to choose the right pan to go with it. Here is the list of pan you can choose from.

P-trap: These pans have either an angled outlet spigot or a horizontal spigot that connects directly to the pan collar, mounted on the wall.

S-trap: This is one of the most popular pans used in toilets in Sydney.  Here the spigot of the trap is connected directly to pan collar mounted into the floor.

Skew trap: These pans are available in both right and left-hand models. It has a horizontal or angled spigot that connects directly to the pan collar mounted on a sidewall.

Now, before you choose your toilet and the pan type, you need to do take care of two essential things. 

First, check the plumbing condition of your existing bathroom and if needed make the necessary changes keeping the final design of the bathroom in mind.

Second, do an accurate measurement of the bathroom and based on that determine what you want to install.

Toilet suites on sale in Sydney come at different price points so before you finalise one make sure you have compared the prices and did enough market research to see who will give you the best deal.

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