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When you own a rug you have to take care of its proper maintenance to make it last longer. To make them look fabulous you must always look after them. To help you in this matter here is a guide from us on how to take care of your rugs. Every type of rug demands different types of care and maintenance. Here we are mentioning some tips:

Be cautious of heavy foot traffic:

Delicate rugs:

A low quality rug can be damaged faster by foot fall. High quality, durable and hard wearing rugs can withstand a huge amount of daily traffic in comparison with delicate fibers and weaves that won’t last long. In order to protect your delicate rugs you must avoid placing them in areas that face high traffic such as hallways or kitchens. Such a type of rug is good to be placed in an occasional room such as a bedroom or guest room. You can also use your delicate rugs as décor by hanging them on the wall.

Hardwearing rugs:

For hard wearing rugs, you just need to protect them from shoes when entering the house. Make sure that your guests do the same when visiting your home. Removing shoes before entering helps in protecting your rugs and additionally it prevents outdoor dirt and debris to collect in your rug.

How to clean your rug properly?

Vacuuming the rug on daily basis:

You must clean your rug regularly to avoid the collection of dirt, debris, grime, mites and dust. You need happy wheels demo to do a number of things to clean your rug properly.

One of the most important things you need to do is regular vacuuming of the rug. Vacuuming is the most essential step in daily cleaning of your rug as it helps in removing the dirt and dust from your rug. It also makes the process of cleaning easier for you in the long run. One important thing to remember is, the rotary brushes can damage the fibers of your rug. It is better to use the nozzle attachment to clean without damaging the rug.

Cleaning products:

You need to be extremely cautious when using cleaning products for cleaning your rugs. Use the exact products that are specially designed for cleaning of rugs and can remove dirt and stains easily. If you are not sure about the product whether it will damage your rug or not, it is better to do a patch test. This technique will not cause any noticeable damage. If you want to totally avoid using the chemical products, maybe because of their cost or their harshness you can simply try using warm water with liquid soap to see if it works for you.

Immediately blot spills:

During its lifetime, a rug may be subjected to a huge number of spills and stains. It is important that you should never rub the spill and only blot and remove the moisture as soon as possible. There are different products available to clean different types of spills and stains.


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