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Does wooden flooring actually make your room cold

Wooden flooring looks great. Wooden flooring can really lift the tone and look of your home. But people can be resistant to wooden flooring because they think it can make your room cold. After all, who hasn’t slid out of bed on a cool morning and put your feet on wooden floorboards and thought, brrrr. But it’s not true. Wooden flooring doesn’t make your room colder. Here’s why.

Wood, like any dense material, retains heat. If you’ve ever put your hand on a concrete wall after sunset following a sunny day and felt the warmth, you’ll get the idea. Wood does the same. If you’ve got a small heater and operate it for a few hours on a rug on a wooden floor, you’ll feel the warmth spread through the wood around the heater. The wood retains the heat for some time even after you’ve turned the heater off. In this case Grey Wooden Flooring is probably the best because it can show less dust so cleaning need not to be done regularly and it also gives you best natural heating.

Whether you’re using wooden flooring in your home or as commercial flooring, it works especially well in environments with high levels of radiant heating.

The other thing to keep in mind is that wood is a heat conductor. Again, think of the heat emitting from a concrete wall after a hot day. Wood works similarly. When wooden flooring is paired with a heat source, the wood retains and emits the heat. It doesn’t make the room hotter, it simply reflects the ambient room temperature.

People might think that carpet is a better option if they’re concerned about that wooden flooring will make a room cold. Again, not true. Wood conducts heat, carpet insulates from it. The carpet fibres stop heat being absorbed. Wooden flooring absorbs and emits heat, effectively moving the heat around the room, making it warmer.

On the flipside, in summer, wooden flooring helps keep your room cool. Remember, it reflects the ambient room temperature. These natural qualities help make wooden flooring the smart energy efficient choice at home or when used as commercial flooring.

Of course there might be cool spots in any room where the heat doesn’t reach into. The wooden flooring will be cooler there than in the warmer parts of the room. But there are a couple of tips and tricks to overcoming this.

Firstly, rugs look fabulous on wooden flooring and like carpets, they act as insulators. If your bed is over a cool spot, a rug under the bed can help protect your toes from recoiling in the morning.

Secondly, it’s also a good idea to check under doors and around windows for gaps, allowing warm air in the room to escape and cold outside air to come in. An under door draught across wooden flooring will work to cool down the core floor temperature.

If you really want some good advice about wooden flooring and how it can work in your home or office, check out the experts at JHS Carpets. They’ll give you the best advice and steer you in the right direction, ensuring your room will never feel cold again.

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