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Creating a modular kitchen in budget: Top tips for homeowners!

Homeowners often have their concerns when it comes to upgrading the kitchen. Your kitchen must be functional but shouldn’t be dull or boring either. It must become a part of your home interiors in terms of design, décor and theme. If you wish to make the most of available space and seek a sleek layout, a modular kitchen can be a great choice. While there is no denying that modular kitchen price can be a tad higher traditional kitchen, the extra is worth paying for. A modular kitchen is designed in modules or units, which are made in a factory and installed at the work site.

What determines the price of your modular kitchen? How can you reduce the costs? In this post, we are discussing some of the key elements.

Factors that influence pricing

Many factors have a direct impact on the cost of a modular kitchen. First and foremost, the size of your kitchen is a big factor. Big kitchens, for instance, obviously need more work and have more space that must be used for storage. The layout is also important, but is largely determined by size. L-shaped and U-shaped modular kitchens may need more cabinetry. Materials, textures, finishes, accessories and cabinetry requirements are other pointers to consider. If you choose to customize your countertop to match the modular kitchen, it adds to the cost, and adding appliances will increase the budget too.

How to save on budget?

The obvious dos-

  1. Ensure that you select the right design & installation service. Your modular kitchen is an investment, so don’t compromise on the company you choose.
  2. Select materials that are waterproof and will last for at least a few years. Ply and MDF are common choices, but these materials can be treated to withstand extensive use and water spills.
  3. Work on your requirements. Long before you select a design, ensure that you are aware of your requirements. The purpose of a modular kitchen is to add functionality and the requirements may vary for every home.

Tips on saving money

  • Don’t go for an elaborate design for the sake of style alone. More cabinets and compartments will mean more use of materials and extensive installation work, which will add to the costs. Only select a design that’s practical and essential.
  • Get help with design. When you are not sure of how to save money on a modular kitchen, hire an installation service that can help with design consultation. This is the best possible way of reducing your costs, because they will only recommend what you need and ideas that fit the budget.
  • Skip the appliances. Unless absolutely needed, don’t include appliances a part of your modular kitchen design.

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