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9 Septic System Myths And Misconceptions Debunked

A household’s septic system does a crucial job of holding and treating wastewater. Typically, it can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years. However, preventive maintenance and regular septic tank pumping York PA are key to maximizing its life.

Despite the availability of resources both online and on print, many people still lack knowledge about this rather vital system. So, in this article, we’ve decided to round up nine myths and misconceptions that ought to be debunked.

As long as it’s not broken, you won’t have to fix it. Prevention is always better than cure. This is especially true when it comes to household-related things, such as ensuring your septic tank system is operating optimally. Experts advise that you subject your tank into an annual inspection and pumping.

Using septic additives will do the trick. While these additives do help in breaking down that wastes that are in your tank, they’re not enough to eliminate all your solid waste. You’ll still need to do septic tank pumping York PA regularly.

The only sign that you’d need to pump is when the tank is full. The true determinant if pumping is indeed necessary is the tank’s level of solid wastes. Experts perform the so-called “sludge judge” test to check if the solid level is high enough for the tank to be qualified for septic pumping.

It’s cheaper to repair than to pump. Pros agree that you’d save on money if you choose to pump your tank on a regular basis than to be reactive and do something only once the tank is already damaged.

Your household’s water usage won’t affect your septic system. In reality, increased water usage helps increase the level of effluent that gets into your septic tank system. The higher this level is, the more frequent you would need to pump your tank.

Strong chemicals won’t harm your septic system. There are living microorganisms that reside in your septic tank, and they are tasked to help break down wastes and keep your system running. Once strong chemicals (e.g., household cleaners, excessive septic additives) get into it, it may disrupt the balance of these microorganisms in your tank.

You can build another structure on top of your septic tank. Many people make this mistake, for the simple reason that as septic tanks are buried deep, they should be sturdy enough to support another structure on top of it. Doing this can actually be a hindrance to properly pumping tanks.

You will be reported to a government office if you have septic tank troubles. Some homeowners are afraid that they might be reported or turned in if their septic tanks are broken. There aren’t any ordinances about this. Nonetheless, industry experts recommend that each homeowner should be concerned about keeping their tank well-maintained and thoroughly inspected.

Your septic tank will last forever. As mentioned, septic tanks can last from two to four decades — that is, with proper maintenance and regular inspection and septic tank pumping York PA. However, there are tanks that can only last for up to a year or a few years. If you notice a flooded septic field and poor water quality, call for a professional to have your system checked and addressed.

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