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The Best Solution to Ventilating the Home

Ventilation is essential if you are to keep your home smelling fresh and also prevent the growth of mould and even damp. Keeping all the doors and windows shut on your property could eventually lead to health-related problems because failing to ensure that there is clean air in your household could mean that you are breathing in pollutants. Remember, we breathe in around 11,000 litres of air a day, we really need that to be full of good stuff rather than indoor pollutants. Good airflow is also known to improve concentration. We’ll take a look at some ways in which you can improve the air quality of your home through better ventilation.

Quick Fixes

It might sound silly to say it but so many people overlook the need to get the air flowing through the property by opening windows, especially when performing tasks that could contribute to pollutants. It’s as simple as opening the kitchen windows when you are cooking so that the steam and cooking smells disappear or also when you are showering in the bathroom to ensure that steam is escaping. You should also ensure when you do this that you keep the door to the room that you are using closed because it stops the new air from escaping and also the air that you are trying to get rid of from permeating the rest of the house.

When you are not cooking or showering you should let the airflow through your house as much as possible. Open all your windows and all internal doors and really let that fresh air make its way around your home. Patio doors are really great when it comes to letting fresh air in. These doors are designed to be open to help you enjoy the benefits of both indoor and outdoor living. Opening them whenever you could help when it comes to getting fresh air into your home. The cost of patio doors could well be worth it when balanced against the improvements in air quality in your home.

Long-term Solutions

It is not always easy to open the windows, especially during the winter months or if you are not in the house a lot. You might, therefore, wish to consider some more permanent solutions. Installing extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom, for instance, should help with reducing the levels of steam, condensation and bad smells in the home. If you don’t already have them, you might wish to consider having them installed.

You should also look at other places where you could install vents. You could, for instance, have vents placed onto your windows that can help when it comes to letting fresh air in. You can also place them on the walls around your home, ensuring that particular rooms benefit from good ventilation. Vents are great because you can shut them if you don’t want to let cold air in but they do really let a good trickle of fresh air into your home without you even having to think about it.

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