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Six essential tips to buy furniture online without error

Among so many facilities that the internet provides us, one that makes our days more practical is the possibility of shopping online. Besides purchasing Furniture Row furniture, virtual stores allow you to search for prices, brands, models or even reviews and criticisms on numerous products. Unlike clothes, accessories and electronics, buying furniture over the internet requires extra attention. The internet is a very rich and wonderful source for comparing prices, products and brands.

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Check shipping

To calculate the shipping cost, companies and carriers take into account characteristics such as weight, part size and, of course, distance to the delivery address. In some cases, the fee may even make the purchase unfeasible. Keep an eye on shipping costs.

Compare ratings

You fell in love with that beautiful bedroom sofa set you saw online. However, is it comfortable? Before finalizing the purchase, search and compare. Always read the reviews regarding the furniture you are going to buy. The experience of other users can help you.

Research the store’s reputation

Besides digging through information about products, checking the store’s reputation is essential to avoid internet frauds or simply bad services. Research the store’s reputation on specialized sites. It is important to pay attention to delivery complaints, damaged product, non-fulfilled warranty, etc. For a hassle free experience, put your trust on Furniture Row online shopping. From bedroom furniture to home office furniture, from modern beds to classic home furniture, Furniture Row has the solution under one roof.

Does the assembly service follow?

That closet you saw online was so beautiful in the photo that it does not even seem as if it took hours to put together. If instruction manuals and assembling tools are not exactly your best friend, it is always important to inquire if assembly service is required for purchase. Many pieces of furniture come disassembled and it is necessary to hire an assembler to install it.

Hunt for offers

Some companies offer different discounts for purchases made via website or app. Keeping an eye on the social networks of stores and brands is also a good tip to find unexpected and exclusive offers.

Always check the measurements

Under any circumstances, never buy any piece of furniture without checking the product’s measurements. A purchase based only on images can result in sad disappointments, such as a chest of drawers that looks like a jewelry box or a sofa that does not even pass through the living room door. Check the measurement of the furniture, and compare it with the dimensions of the room.

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