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Organizing your bathroom: Tips to follow!

A bathroom vanity that is not only small but feels overwhelmingly unorganized and haphazard, that’s one of the greatest nightmares of any good home-keeper. It is a huge waste of time to keep picking up things that fall over because of you trying to grab your shampoo bottle or hair brush.

A small bathroom vanity even though highly uncomfortable can be organised and made look beautiful, here’s how:

Reconsider your needs

Between so many types and brands of Makeup products, bathroom products, haircare products, grooming and whatnot it’s easy to lose track of things you actually don’t need.

From unused expired products to products you rarely use, there’s a lot of free space just waiting to be rid of these unwanted items. Get rid of such products and you’ll see that your bathroom vanity isn’t that small after all.


Set your vanity for highly prioritised items only, this way your vanity will not only look elegant but it will be a lot easier to manage it too.

Things like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, a few other items that you need on a daily basis should occupy the space. Minimalistic approach will truly set your bathroom apart.

Trays and Shelves

It’s very easy to organise by simply keeping a tray that goes with your bathroom’s design and put together the assortment of items you didn’t prioritize in the tips mentioned above.

Just simply place your jars, bottles and holders in the tray and use them for keeping things from scattering.

You can also install shelves above your vanity to hold baskets of paper rolls or hand towels etc.

Strategic planning

Be a little strategic about how you’re grouping your products together.

Placing makeup products in a bag that you can place on a hook, medicines in a box and skincare in another can help you look for certain things easily whenever you need to.

Make your bathroom look more enticing by these simple tips, if you’ve some few tips of your own; don’t forget to share them with us by commenting below.

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