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How To Install A PVC Window

Every year we have to check the condition of the windows of the house, make maintenance on its rails or hinges, depending on whether it is sliding or folding, verify that the seals are in good condition and replace the damaged ones. But it is common that with the passing of the years and the blows that are given to the windows, they deteriorate so much that they represent a danger for humidity and cold, especially in summer, so in this article, we will teach how to install a PVC window

Before Starting

When we have to choose a window, it is essential to consider that selecting a thermo-panel saves between 50 and 60% of heating costs, since it has a double glass, which leaves a layer of dry air in the centre, and as it is hermetically sealed, Cold and heat are not filtered. There are PVC windows that have thermopane, so in addition to being resistant, lightweight and easy to maintain, they are good temperature insulators. Also you will have to choose professionals that are good in replacement windows and doors installation in barrie to handle it for you.

Remove The Old Window

  • Unscrew the window frame.
  • With a spatula or cardboard knife cut the silicone seal of the old window and remove the frame.

Repair The Opening

  • When the old window is removed, the opening must be cleaned, and if pieces of stuccoor plaster have been removed, they must be repaired with the same material, taking care not to modify the measures of the opening that have already been rectified.

Level The New Window

  • Present the original window in the opening and put some wedges in the lower edge to lift it and leave the missing space insight. These wedges must also be placed on the sides if there is a lack of space to fill.
  • With the bubble level check that the window is right in all its happy wheels demo corners and centre of space, if it is uneven at some point, change the size of the wedge until the level is centred.

Mark The Perforations

  • With down mark the place where the fixings will go. This is on the sides and horizontal greater than 15 cm. from each end, and to the centre, provided that this measure does not exceed 50 cm. If the window is more significant, four fixations should be placed in the centre. In the lower horizontal there are NO perforations because the drain channel would be drilled.

Fix The Window

  • With the drill to make the perforations in the marks, crossing only the PVC frame, is the way for the screw.
  • Fix the window with screws. In the case of being galvanized steel partitions (Metalcon) it has to be a self-drilling screw, and if it is wooden partitions, use a screw for this material (with a tip, but not self-drilling).

Fill In Space

  • Wet the interior of the space between the opening and the window with a sprayer.
  • Apply the polyurethane foam with the dispenser. Let dry
  • Cut the surpluses with a cardboard knife; you can sand and even paint

Seal The Joints

  • On the outside of the window seal all joints with an acrylic sealant, throwing a cord with the caulk gun, which is then smoothed with a damp finger or a spoon.

Make The Sill

  • Make the mixture of exterior stucco and water, as the manufacturer says in his instructions.
  • So that the water drains and does not accumulate in the bay, it is necessary to make a slope that under construction is called alfeizar; it is done with exterior stucco, leaving about 5 mm higher the edge that faces the window.


  • For the completion, paint the sill, which has already completed its curing process, and the opening both outside and inside. Thus the polyurethane foam and the acrylic sealant will be concealed.


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