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Published on April 27th, 2020 | by George M. Banks


How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take?

Water damage is a serious problem, which pertains to the loss or damage that occurs when water intrudes into a system or material where it shouldn’t be. It can cause many adverse effects: such as the growth of mold, the rotting wood, the rusting of steel, and many others, leading to permanent damage to it and the structure where water has infiltrated.

To fix this, one has to undergo water damage restoration. The process will repair and damage the water has caused. It is an extensive process, depending on the scope and gravity of the damage done to the structure. So before calling a water restoration company, Scottsdale, Arizona, it is best to find out how long the process takes to manage your expectations and your budget.

Types of water

When a water restoration company, Scottsdale, Arizona looks at the damage of your home or property, they will first try to classify what type of water damage it has sustained. This will be based on the type of water that damages your property.

The most basic—and the easiest to fix—is damage caused by clear water or water that does not cause any harm or threat to humans such as long exposure to a leaky faucet or rainwater.

Water that has some kind of discoloration, or water from a source that could cause sickness, is treated differently, as it could cause harm to the homeowners. Examples of this are stagnant rainwater or water overflow from the drainage or septic tanks. The worst is black water which could contain disease-causing pathogens, as it is a clear health hazard.

Assessment of damage

Before a water restoration company in Scottsdale can happy wheels demo tell you how long the restoration will take, they then have to look at the damage itself. There are many factors to consider here. For instance, besides the type of water, they have considered the amount of water involved, as well as the structure’s exposure to moisture. The longer the structure was exposed to water and moisture, the longer the restoration process will be. The company will look at the actual materials that were damaged. Wood, for instance, is more susceptible to water damage than stone, while prolonged exposure to metal can cause rust.

In all, actual restoration time depends on the damage and the material, if you disregard what type of water caused the damage. Cleaning up may take only a few hours, while it takes a couple of days to repair any physical damage to materials such as wood or laminated flooring. If mildew has begun to grow, the restoration will take around a week to finish. If floor replacements are necessary due to the extent of the damage, expect the process to take around three days to two weeks.

When the damage is extensive, the repair company will look at the structural component of the property to see if no major damage was done to its columns and beams.

In any case, water damage is serious, and it is important to call a water restoration company in Scottsdale to have it checked and fixed immediately—before it is too late.

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